don’t like the all-black look of the Ricoh GR? then, the Ricoh GR Limited Edition Camera might just be right up your alley. with this limited edition variant, the GR’s magnesium-alloy body now wears a “metallic vintage green wave-tone finish with a high-gloss shine”, matched to a marbleized ebony grip patterned in burl wood. now, green burl wood? well, that’s something new to us and from the looks of it (which you can check it out in the gallery after the post), it is looking kind of classy and refreshing (come on folks, who would have thought of a textured green camera?), and the charcoal for the handful of hard buttons further adds a touch of sophistication.

spruced up aesthetic is just part of the story; as a bonus, the Ricoh GR Limited Edition Camera comes packed with some exclusive accessories, including a textured finished GH-3 hood and adapter, plus a newly designed genuine leather camera case and matching camera strap – both presented in a beautiful chocolate hue. no. the case doesn’t have to be green; it would a little over if it did, don’t you think? on the more subtle note, this limited edition camera features the Ricoh GR Limited Edition branding on the exit screen, viewable on the 3″ LCD when powering down the device. cosmetic asides, the innards are identical to the regular GR with a specs sheet that includes a 16MP APS-C-sized CMOS sensor, no low-pass filter, 18.3mm f2.8 lens, GR ENGINE V imaging processor and more.

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slated to hit the virtual shelves next month in limited quantity, the Ricoh GR Limited Edition Camera will set you back at $899.95, which is a 100 dollars premium over the regular counterpart. if you already planned to drop 800 bucks for a digital camera and being stylish is your cuppa, then we supposed adding one more piece of 100 bill for a camera like this shouldn’t be a biggie, or is it?

Source: Ricoh Imaging Americas
via DPReview

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