every now and then, we waited for someone to come along and challenge the norm and today, we see Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini doing so with the Water Jet Capsule. by its name, you can’t really tell what the Jet Capsule is and if it ever happens to be “parked” on dry land, you might even mistaken it for a road-going vehicle. this is how radical the Water Jet Capsule is and it is no paper talk – it is as real as it can get. developed in collaboration with Luca Solla from S3, Ship Supply Side and manufactured in Naples, Italy, the Water Jet Capsule sports an unusual egg-shaped design which result in an interior that can accommodate up to four person comfortably and offers an opportunity for a customized layout with a choice of materials and finishes.

a 315 hp Yanmar diesel unit paired to a Hamilton waterjet propels this cute little, fiberglass hulled watercraft up to speedy 25 knots (equivalent to 29 mph or 46 km/h). from the photo set, the Water Jet Capsule may look small, but at 23 feet long and 13 feet at its widest section, it is actually pretty roomy, and the egg-shape offers the headroom taller people would appreciate. the cockpit, which includes a full-size steering wheel and an adjustable sport seat, is another feature that draws us to it. other features include a rooftop lounge bed for your sunbathing need, a rear platform for accessing the open water, retractable sea ladder, as well as colorful underwater and interior lighting for the added fun factor – just to name a few.

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obviously, what we detailed here is not exhaustive cos’ this watercraft is totally customizable to your need and locality (for e.g. air conditioning for Mediterranean users), and therefore its maker could not put a finger on the price until the options are selected. speaking of which, interested folks are welcome to touch base with Jet Capsule for further purchase details. in the meantime, do check out more images in the gallery below and also a promo video (to get into the vibe of the Water Jet Capsule) after the break.

Jet Capsule via Luxury Launches

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