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Aston Martin Now Has Boats And It Is Also Going Deep With A Submarine Too

OK. We are going to make this quick. Aston Martin is extending its reach beyond land to the water. First, it designed a beautiful boat and then, came a submarine. Yes. You are not hearing things. Aston Martin has gotten itself into a partnership with private sub maker, Triton Submarines, to create a “strictly-limited edition vehicle” under a project called Neptune. While it is being unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show (as was the boat), very little is known about this Aston Martin-touched Triton Low Profile three-person sub. Continue reading Aston Martin Now Has Boats And It Is Also Going Deep With A Submarine Too

Twin V8 Powered Seafaring Lexus Is Pretty But, Sadly, Won’t Be Produced

The Lexus Sport Yacht Concept you see here may not be as wild as the spacecraft the Japanese luxury automaker dreamed up for Luc Besson’s sci-fi movie, Valerian and City of a Thousand Planets, it is at least, more down to earth. Nearly two years in the development, Lexus Sport Yacht Concept is the brainchild of Lexus Marine Department and it was a bespoke one-off project with no production intent. This particular example, a running proof-of-concept, was unveiled at Di Lido Island on Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach, Florida, last week. Continue reading Twin V8 Powered Seafaring Lexus Is Pretty But, Sadly, Won’t Be Produced

Earthrace’s New Conservation Vessel Is Part Frigate, Part Batboat

Earthrace is a conservation outfit that has been going around the world to stop illegal fishing, hunting and wildlife trading, and it uses a boat, trimaran boat aptly called Earthrace, as its base of operations since 2006. But the original vessel is outdated and besides, an unfortunate crash with a Japanese whaling ship back in 2010 leaves them with vessel. So, in order to keep doing what they do best, they need a new and updated ship and this is where Earthrace-2 Conservation Vessel comes in. Hearing the word ‘vessel’ may bring about the impression of it being a research vessel lookalike, however, as you can see, the Earthrace-2 Conservation Vessel is anything but. Continue reading Earthrace’s New Conservation Vessel Is Part Frigate, Part Batboat

Aston Martin Unveils The Company’s First Powerboat At Milan Design Week

Don’t ask why a luxury sports car maker like Aston Martin wants to make a powerboat. I guess the answer will be just, because they can. Teaming up with The Netherlands-based yacht designer Quintessence Yachts, the AM37 is the result of “years of research and development” which challenges “the status quo of the nautical world.” Well, we have seen the craziest boat ideas, so a boat that this beautiful is not uncommon – unless it is one that is both a boat and a car. But hey, it is an Aston Martin after all and you know what Aston Martin is all about? Continue reading Aston Martin Unveils The Company’s First Powerboat At Milan Design Week

Mercedes-AMG And Cigarette Racing’s Latest Collaboration Has 1,100HP

Another year, another collaboration between luxury performance car tuner Mercedes-AMG and performance boat maker Cigarette Racing Team. Unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show over the weekend, the Cigarette Racing Team 41’ SD GT3 is inspired by Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car and is touted as the “most power ‘open performance’ boat to ever come out of Cigarette Racing Team’s yard. As before, this water-going GT3 borrows several elements from the land-going GT3, including colorway, design, and fittings. Continue reading Mercedes-AMG And Cigarette Racing’s Latest Collaboration Has 1,100HP

Cigarette Racing 50′ Vision GT Concept Boat

another year, another collaboration concept boat from Cigarette Racing and Mercedes-AMG but this time, there is another party involved, and that’s Polyphony Digital, the creating studio of the legendary racing game franchise, Gran Turismo. this fourth collaboration boat, dubbed the Cigarette Racing 50′ Vision GT Concept Boat, draws its design inspiration from the virtual-turn-reality Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo which itself was featured in the latest installment of the Gran Turismo 6. the Cigarette Racing 50′ Vision GT Concept Boat is presented as a one-of-a-kind special model and also the most powerful production twin engine performance boat to ever came out of Cigarette Racing’s dock. this beautiful example, which is some 1000 lbs lighter than the standard spec counterpart, is pushed by twin 1,650 hp Mercury Racing engines to achieve a top speed of 140 mph (225 km/h). Continue reading Cigarette Racing 50′ Vision GT Concept Boat

DinghyGo 2 Inflatable 3-in-1 Sailboat

the truth can never be more brutal: sailboating is a sport that is reserved for those Scrooge McDuckian elites, well… but that was in the past cos’ now, average joes who have a few grand to drop can take up sailboating and not have to worry about the associated fees like docking charge, maintenance and whatnot, thanks to DinghyGo 2 Inflatable 3-in-1 Sailboat from Dutch firm’s Aquacrafts. the name pretty much says it all; the DinghyGo 2 Inflatable 3-in-1 Sailboat is an inflatable version dingy that is equipped with a sail for sailboating, while it can also be rowed with the included oars, or if desired, powered by an outboard motor of up to 8 hp. three ways of sailing with just one craft. you can’t get any better than that, can you? Continue reading DinghyGo 2 Inflatable 3-in-1 Sailboat

XSR Interceptor Cruiser

with a name like XSR Interceptor Cruiser, it is bound to strike fear to any potential water threats. that said, it is also quite obvious that the consumer market isn’t what this awesome watercraft is targeted at, but it is still worthy of a mention, nonetheless. built around a fully composite monocoque structure, the XSR Interceptor Cruiser features a deep ‘V’ hull that is optimized for speeds up to 80 knots (148 km/h or 92 mph). for the initiated, that speed is well considered pretty damn fast on water and is kind of an equivalent to sport car-grade performance, and for that, it has the ‘comfort’ to match. don’t go about expecting luxury appointment cos’ this ain’t your Caribbean yacht, though. Continue reading XSR Interceptor Cruiser

Water Jet Capsule by Pierpaolo Lazzarini

every now and then, we waited for someone to come along and challenge the norm and today, we see Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini doing so with the Water Jet Capsule. by its name, you can’t really tell what the Jet Capsule is and if it ever happens to be “parked” on dry land, you might even mistaken it for a road-going vehicle. this is how radical the Water Jet Capsule is and it is no paper talk – it is as real as it can get. developed in collaboration with Luca Solla from S3, Ship Supply Side and manufactured in Naples, Italy, the Water Jet Capsule sports an unusual egg-shaped design which result in an interior that can accommodate up to four person comfortably and offers an opportunity for a customized layout with a choice of materials and finishes. Continue reading Water Jet Capsule by Pierpaolo Lazzarini

WaterCar Panther Amphibious Vehicle

the concept of amphibious vehicle does not quite turn out like James Bond’s submersible Lotus Espirit, does it? they are either too impractical or way too military (which means, you probably can’t buy it). however, a new entrant to this unable-to-age segment known as the WaterCar Panther Amphibious Vehicle is looking pretty promising. first off, it does look like a car, albeit one that look too Jeep Wrangler-like and when it hits the water (which it can do at a pretty fast speed), it looks good being a boat too. under the hood of the Panther is a Honda-sourced 3.7-liter V6 V-Tec motor that drives the wheels (no mention of drive type though), as well as a marine propulsion system known as Panther Jet. mated to a four-speed manual gearbox, the WaterCar Panther stakes a claim of 44 mph (equivalent to 70 km/h on land or 38 knots in marine jargon) on water and a modest 80+ mph land speed. Continue reading WaterCar Panther Amphibious Vehicle