the truth can never be more brutal: sailboating is a sport that is reserved for those Scrooge McDuckian elites, well… but that was in the past cos’ now, average joes who have a few grand to drop can take up sailboating and not have to worry about the associated fees like docking charge, maintenance and whatnot, thanks to DinghyGo 2 Inflatable 3-in-1 Sailboat from Dutch firm’s Aquacrafts. the name pretty much says it all; the DinghyGo 2 Inflatable 3-in-1 Sailboat is an inflatable version dingy that is equipped with a sail for sailboating, while it can also be rowed with the included oars, or if desired, powered by an outboard motor of up to 8 hp. three ways of sailing with just one craft. you can’t get any better than that, can you?

another obvious benefit of an inflatable craft is, it negates the need for expensive trailer and palace-like garage to store. heck, it could even be stored in an apartment, if that’s where you stay. the watercraft is broken down to smaller parts and packed into two baggages that should fit easily into a regular SUV or station wagon without a hitch, though we can’t say the same for a car-sized like the Mini. anyway, the whole idea is, you can eliminate trailers from the equation, plus almost any home will be able to store it until the next use. once assembled, the DinghyGo 2 measures 9 feet long and is designed to ferry up to four person and has a payload of 1,100 lbs.

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so, as you can see, it might be an inflatable, but it is still a pretty capable watercraft. the DinghyGo 2 Inflatable 3-in-1 Sailboat is available to the EU markets for a tidy sum of €2,599, or about US$3,550), based on the current going rate.

DinghyGo via Gizmag

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