Peugeot Designed Latitude 46 Tofinou 9.7 Sailboat And Gillardeau Food Bike

Peugeot Design Lab is no stranger to designing everything outside of automobile. It has dabbled in designing helicopter’s interior, a really cool but uncomfortable-looking sofa, and even the cockpit for boats. Now, we hear that it has its hands in designing boat maker Latitude 46’s new sailboat too, as well as, believe it or not, […]

TIWAL 3.2 Is A Sailboat Fit For Two That Packs Into The Back Of Your Car

you know how it is when it comes to water sports, especially those that involves seafaring vehicles such as a sailboat; they are definitely not cheap and even if you could afford one, buying one is not a be-all and end-all thing, at least not in the monetary aspect. there is still docking charge, the […]

DinghyGo 2 Inflatable 3-in-1 Sailboat

the truth can never be more brutal: sailboating is a sport that is reserved for those Scrooge McDuckian elites, well… but that was in the past cos’ now, average joes who have a few grand to drop can take up sailboating and not have to worry about the associated fees like…

Balmain Boat Company Sailboat Kit

fancy building your own boat for some summer water adventure, but turned off by the prospect of cooping up in the garage for months end (that’s if your garage is even big enough for a full size sailboat)? well, the Balmain Boat Company Sailboat Kit won’t be needing months to complete and it is sure going to fit in a regular size garage when built.