fancy building your own boat for some summer water adventure, but turned off by the prospect of cooping up in the garage for months end (that’s if your garage is even big enough for a full size sailboat)? well, the Balmain Boat Company Sailboat Kit won’t be needing months to complete and it is sure going to fit in a regular size garage when built. this 3-meter long boat weighs just 110 lbs (50 kilograms) and according to its maker, it will typically takes around 30 hours to complete. but of course, that’s excluding the time needed for the epoxy and sealant to set. so, give and take, you shouldn’t be needing more than a month.

the kit comes with everything you will need to get the watercraft into shape, including detailed plans with informative construction notes, precision-cut plywood, the necessary hardware, marine adhesive/sealant, epoxy glue, and even disposal gloves. also supplied are sail, mast, rope, boom, as well as gaff. basically, it has almost everything you need to get this thing into the water, except for a few finishing touches like undercoat, paint/varnish, sandpaper, which you will have to acquire yourself separately, and so are the oars, rowlocks and the necessary rope for that purpose. the Balmain Boat Company Sailboat Kit can be yours for $2,590.

The Balmain Boat Company via Uncrate

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