because sometimes owning a restored classic race car just isn’t enough and that’s why the 1964/5 Volkswagen Pick-up With Porsche Formula V ($tba). quite a mouthful, we know, but it is necessary to describe what it is: a Porsche Formula V which comes with its very own VW transport bus (a VW Bulli pick-up truck, actually). fully restored and comes complete with original documentation, the duo are up for your taking as one. though no price is pegged to it yet, but it is safe to say you will need some serious muscle in your bank account to swoop the duo up. the Formula V has been completely restored to its original condition as raced by Hans Hermann, Gerhard Mitter and Ben Pon, and it is totally race track-worthy, having been put through its paces at the Nürburgring 2011.

the factory-backed Formula V is powered by a 1.2-liter Volkswagen Beetle’s engine with 40 horses and capable of a top speed of 160 km/h, while the converted Volkswagen Pick-up is fully restored and overhauled to the period correct specifications with some exceptions where it needed to be enhanced to haul the Formula V, such as upgraded 2.4-liter engineer sourced from the 914 that has over 200 bhp for more hauling grunt, a heavy duty clutch kit to support the original 4-speed VW Beetle gearbox for the tremendous increase in power (as compared with the original), and larger drum and disc brakes – just to name a few. not only you can own a piece of the Stuttgart automaker history that actually works, you can bring it in tow to any FIA sanctioned races in absolute style. oh yes. it has the FIA HTP aka historic Technical pass that allows it to do that. awesome. a gorgeous image gallery is served after the break. don’t miss it.

Jan Luehn via Cool Material

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