The World’s Most Powerful Car From 1977, Powered By A Spitfire Engine, Is Going On The Block

750 bhp is not a rare power output in automobiles these days. Supercars and hypercars regularly achieve this output or even more. However, 27L (!) is not the usual capacity you find in a regular engine. 27,000cc is exactly the capacity of the engine powering 1972 John Dodd’s The Beast you see here.

Meet The World’s Rarest Upcycled Electric Vehicle, A 1961 Bentley S2 Continental

From the folks behind the first electric classic Rolls-Royce, Lunaz Design is yet another drool-worthy classic luxury car. Joining the electric classic Rolls-Royce, electric Aston Martin DB9, and the many other converted classics is the world’s rarest upcycled electric vehicle, a 1961 Bentley S2 Continental.

Upgrading Your Classic Car: What To Consider When Installing New Tech In An Old Model

When you decide to invest in a classic car, its speed and efficiency probably won’t be the most important factors to you. As opposed to the more modern vehicles, classic cars can offer you a unique driving experience and make your adventures on the road unforgettable. However, driving an older car can be much different …

Rare 1981 Ford Fiesta 1.1 ‘Bravo’ Special Edition (MkI) Goes Under The Hammer

When cool classic cars go on the block, we’d be expecting them to be from marques like Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. But the “cool classic” that has just gone under the hammer is just not what you think; it is from Ford and no it isn’t a classic Ford GT; it is (as you …

Is Classic Vehicle Registration Worth It? Here’s All You Need To Know

When it comes to car restoration, there are a lot of factors to consider. The cost of parts, the time commitment, and the end goal all play a role in whether or not a car restoration project is worth undertaking. For some people, the answer is a resounding yes classic car restoration can be a …