concrete – that hardy materials that have seen many other applications outside of construction, is now reaching out to your iPhone 5 too. obviously, you don’t expect to cast concrete all over your iPhone 5, that would be totally silly. instead, what the Posh Craft x Realized Luna Concrete Skin for iPhone 5 ($tba) offers is a thin layer of real concrete that sticks to the back of your iPhone. no sides, no front – it is just like what said it is: a skin, in concrete. so there you have it, a cool concrete look on your iPhone 5 without weighing it down. since the skins are created from real concrete, each skin is presented with random pockets of imperfection common to concrete, which means no two Luna Concrete Skin will be the same and these pockets, together with the uneven gray tone of concrete makes it look much like piece of the moon. it really is the perfect example of contemporary industrial design. how cool can you get than this?

the Posh Craft x Realize Luna Concrete Skin for iPhone 5 is the product of the collaboration between contemporary art outfit Posh Projects and design house Realize. unfortunately, it is still a ‘coming soon’ product with no confirmation the exact availability and pricing. check out a few more look in the gallery below.

Posh Projects [KR] via Cool Material

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