regardless of how good (or bad) you are in paintball battles, there’s no reason for not looking cool going down or winning. for that extra cool factor, you can get yourself started with some custom paintball masks that will probably make you look more menacing to your enemies than you really are. custom made by Thailand-based ColdBloodArt, which we are pretty sure has no business in cold blooded contract hit jobs, but only to offer paintballers the most awesome and coolest mask/helmet for their battles. they have a bunch of ready custom masks and helmets for your taking – each standard mask features a three-layer fiberglass construction that is said to offer flexible fit and yet strong enough to withstand high impact. well, it is not like somebody is going to shoot bazooka paintball in your face, but we will take the words of master mask and helmet maker, who called himself “Bomb”, for it.

also come standard is the look – each mask is designed to strike fear in the battlefield, and along with the fearsome look comes with some pretty cool names like Bio Hazard Demon, Radiation Burn, ColdBloodArt Rider, The Tank, Markill Barbarian (this one kind of reminds us of the Orc from the Lord of the Rings), just to name a few, but that’s just some cos’ there are names best not to be mentioned in a raging battlefield ever (like what’s with the name Brownie??? and Milky? really?). monikers aside, what forms the mask can be further customized to your choice of materials such as Kevlar, carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, and steel-Kevlar mix. removable polycarbonate lenses are standard, though you could opt for go for the less safer steel meshing instead. if the myriad of offerings ain’t your cuppa, you can touch base with the “Bomb” to custom one from the ground up, along with your choice of custom paint job.

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other standard features include a thoughtful airflow design to minimize fogging, a six-point buckle strap and Velcro system, removable interior Velcro padding, and option for padded ear straps. prices for the ColdBloodArt Paintball Masks start from $70 and can run up to as high as $390, and that’s in US greenbacks. just so you know. more examples after the break.

PS: btw, Brownie> is not as sweet looking as it sounds. in fact, it is one of the scariest of the lot. ironical?

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