amplla Portable Fire Extinguisher Has A Shield To Protect You While You Combat The Blaze

Fighting a fire, whether you are a trained professional or not, makes you an instant hero. But going head to head with a raging couch fire may not be the best idea. You could get hurt, if not, the heat may keep you from giving the best douse of fire extinguishing powder. Enters amplla. amplla …

Stride Senze Is A Robotic Walking Cane That Proactively Aids In Walking

This is a concept robotic walking cane called Stride Senze by Singapore-based creative collective, NextofKin (NOK). Instead of a walking cane wielded by the user, the Stride Senze taps on today’s consumer electronics technology to result in what is referred to as an intelligent walking companion. In other words, it is a robot that proactively …

These Pair Of Jeans Is Lined With Airbags To Protect Motorcyclists’ Lower Body In A Fall

You have heard of the airbag vests for motorcyclists. Now meet the Motorcycle Airbag Jeans by Airbag Inside Sweden AB. Just like the inflatable vests that has been around for decades, the Motorcycle Airbag Jeans leverage on airbags to protect the rider in the event of a fall.

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