amplla Portable Fire Extinguisher with Shield

Fighting a fire, whether you are a trained professional or not, makes you an instant hero. But going head to head with a raging couch fire may not be the best idea. You could get hurt, if not, the heat may keep you from giving the best douse of fire extinguishing powder. Enters amplla. amplla is a shield-style, portable fire extinguisher born out of the Czech Republic.

amplla Portable Fire Extinguisher with Shield

The company reimagined a fire extinguisher into an arm-worn device that allows it to be operated with just one hand. That, btw, is the world’s first. Moreover, it is aesthetically pleasing. Not only will it not mar your beautiful interior decor but it might even elevate it because it looked more like an art piece than a piece of fire fighting equipment. This is one fire extinguisher you don’t mind out in the open in plain sight.

The innovative ring-style/shield-style design makes it the world’s only fire extinguisher that is protected from tampering too. Critical components that are required for the proper functioning of the fire extinguisher, such as the seal, fuse, valve, and hose – yes, it has one of those too but more on that in a jiffy – inside a shell, away from meddling hands.

The amplla Hussechuck is the ring-style model that offers no added protection from heat while the amplla Shield does. The latter will literally make you Captain Firefighter. Consensus from others not necessary.

amplla Portable Fire Extinguisher with Shield

The amplla Shield, on the other hand, offers some level of protection against the heat while you are pushing back the fire. It will also serve as a shield from debris that may be falling from above. Most important of all, I believe, is how it can be customized to suit the interior decor in varnished paint, or with textile featuring self-extinguishing fabric. I am not sure what that means, TBH. I assume that would mean that is a fireproof textile.

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Anyhoo, you can custom the design on the shield too so it can completely melt into your interior space. The only telltale sign that it is a fire extinguisher is the standard fire extinguisher label subtle (and stylishly) sticking out of the side.

The amplla fire extinguisher is offered in 2 powder variants: a 4 kilograms (8.8 lbs) version (P21) and a 6 kilograms (13.2 lbs) model (P34). Whichever model you choose, it will come with the appropriate certificates and comply with all applicable legal regulations.

Back to the hose… it does indeed have a pull-out nozzle for situations where you need to precisely attack the fire. The round design also affords it a space for a gas mask which may come in handy when dealing with a blaze.

There is a Hose Reel Combo that combines a hose reel system with the amplla portable fire extinguisher too. On the outside is the Shield fire extinguisher and on the inside, is a fire hose reel. This allows immediate people to take action against the fire before the pros reach the scene. It is the same as having a regular fire extinguisher with a hose reel setup but way much sleeker.

We do not know the price of the Hose Reel Combo but we know that the amplla Hussechuck starts at €575 while the amplla Shield starts at €777 (around US$632 and US$853, respectively).

amplla Portable Fire Extinguisher with Shield

Images: amplla.