This Haptic Feedback VR Glove Will Make Digital Objects In VR World Feel Real

You have already heard how VR can enable designers from the around to world to corroborate. But that was for design where regular VR controllers are suffice. For applications such as training, however, the ability to feel what a user have touched in the Virtual Reality world will greatly boost the realism. Enter SenseGlove Nova […]

Japanese Company And Kyoto University Hope To Introduce Wooden Satellite By 2023

Space junk is a growing concern. 60% of the 6,000 satellites orbiting Earth are defunct and they contributed to space junk. Space junk threatens space exploration as well as existing, still functioning satellites. With as many as 990 satellites expected to launched each year over the next decade, low Earth orbit is slowly but surely […]

Boston Dynamics Robots Dancing To A 60s Tune Was The Best Thing To Happen In 2020

If you haven’t been keeping up with Boston Dynamics’ development… Hyundai has, earlier this month, became the third owner of the company. Also, the agility of the family of robots from the robotic company, namely Atlas, Spot and Handle, is mind-blowing.

The World’s First Micro LED Watch Heralds In A New Era In Wearable Tech

China’s electronics maker most notable for its innovative TVs, KONKA, has revealed the world’s first micro LED watch, called APHAEA watch. It was a show of the potential of micro-pitch LED display and in this case, in the size that fits on a person’s wrist.

KFC And Pizza Hut Pilots Self-driving Meal-On-Wheels In Shanghai, China

While some parts of the world are trialing self-driving transportation, machinery, and self-driving grocery vehicles, Pizza Hut and KFC in Shanghai, China, are piloting a fleet of self-driving cars to serve up fast food to hungry folks roaming the streets.

A Nail Salon In Dubai Will Literally Put Data At Your Fingertip

The expression “at your fingertips” is used figuratively to refer to something that can be access easily. But one Nail Salon in Dubai, Lanour Beauty Lounge, has taken that expression literally.

Business Tech Upgrades To Make In 2021

There is some truly remarkable technology available to businesses right now, yet it is sometimes hard for business owners to know what tech they should be implementing into their operation. Tech can be used to streamline the operation, improve the customer experience, reduce costs, improve quality, and much more, but what are a few of […]