Mojo Vision CEO Wears Prototype Smart Contact Lens

Mojo Vision, the maker of the smart contact lens with smart glasses functionality, has made huge progress in recent months. Not only the company has revealed its advanced prototype but the CEO, Drew Perkins, wears it for real. That’s right. Folks, science fiction has gotten real! This absolutely bonkers, in a good way, of course.

Ford Geofencing Speed Limit Control System Is A Brilliant Idea But Will The People Agree?

Ford has recently revealed that it is trialing a geofencing speed limit control system. The geofencing speed limit control system, as the name implies, uses geofencing technology to automatically reduce the speed of vehicles instead of relying on drivers to do so. To crudely put, it is a tech that will enforce a speed limit …

Soundproofing Goes Transparent iwasemi HX-α Sound Absorbing Panels

Sound absorbing panel is usually made of materials like mineral wool, open cell foam et cetera. Sometimes the panel has a jagged surface too. Whatever materials or surfaces it has, the panel is always opaque. But not this sound-absorbing panel called iwasemi HX-α from Japanese tech company Pixie Dust Technologies (PxDT), though.

Skypersonic Drone Made The World’s First Transcontinental Industrial Inspection Over 5G

There are many drone makers that make drones that can carry out industrial inspections. The Cleo Robotics Dronut K1 we saw recently is one such example. That said industrial inspection, indoor or outdoor, is nothing new. However, what Skypersonic pulled off recently is a groundbreaking achievement in commercial unmanned drone operations.