Sony Developed Sustainable Paper Material Called “Original Blend Material”

Sustainability (i.e. slowing the destruction of Earth) is many big corporate’ priority. Sony is no different. However, unlike Apple that removed the charger from its iPhone 12 in the name of environment, Sony have developed a sustainable paper material the company refers to as “Original Blend Material”.

Technologies That Can Help Your Business Succeed

Technology is a strange beast. Regardless of how you feel about it personally, living in the age that you find yourself in means that it’s basically impossible to avoid, which some might see as potentially problematic. That being said, there’s always the option of looking at things more positively and realizing just how useful the …

This Automatic Gate Requires No Power, Is Easy To Setup, And It Can Be Deployed Wherever It Is Required

Imagine if you are have a makeshift harvest paddock that you want to secure where vehicles will be going in and out. A regular gate would require manual opening of the gate. Auto gate is probably out of question because, likely, there is not going to have a power source. This situation calls the OzAutogate …

3D Printer Turned Into A Production Line Realizes “Personal Factory Automation”

If you haven’t already heard… 3D printers are not mere 3D model printers anymore. In future, it may include automation. Automation here means assembling of 3D printed parts straight after 3D printing, right there and then – straight on the 3D printer bed.

South Korean Professor Invented Self-driving Car Way Back In The 1990s

Self-driving car are the buzzwords in recent years, but do you know, a South Korea professor had developed self-driving technologies in 1990s, long before South Korean automakers knew how to make good cars (I had a Hyundai Accent in the 90s, btw, and it was… ugh).

Boston Dynamics Show Off Prototype Warehouse Robot Called Stretch

Boston Dynamics has not been making real sales until recently (and only after it has changed a couple of owners). We have not hit up their website for awhile and now that we did, we noticed something. It has moved in-development robot to research and laid to rest, so-to-speak, a bunch of previous endeavors.