First It Was A Fork, Now These Chopsticks Want To Add Salty Taste To Your Food Too

Salt adds flavor to food and yet too much of it is bad for health and may lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke, among other things. The key is, well, moderation but for people who can’t consume salt at all, there’s the Electro Fork that uses electric shock to simulate salty taste …

Here’s A Real Working Invisibility Shield Money Can Buy

The invisibility cloak we saw a few years ago is now available to buy. There is a catch, though. It is not the patented, made-for-warzones technology by Hyperstealth Biotechnology. This one here, simply called Invisibility Shield, is from a British startup called, well, Invisibility Shield Co. and it is definitely not made for warzones.

Achilles Wearable Mobile Seat: Squat To Be Seated

The wearable chair offers much-needed relief for workers who need to work standing for hours on end. The Achilles Wearable Mobile Seat by Camille Ringebach you see here is a low-tech solution that also serves a similar purpose but for workers who need to be in an almost squatting position, such as the vineyard workers.

Bridgestone Golf Is Set To Launch Water-repellent Golf Balls

It may come as a surprised to some people that golf balls aren’t actually waterproof. That’s right, folks. While the iconic dimple-covered urethane (or Surlyn or both) cover of a golf appears to be seamless to the naked eyes, it will not stop water from getting into into the inside entirely. This means, at some …

Counter Ramen Delivery Vehicle Uses Nissan e-4ORCE To Deliver Ramen With No Spills

Motorsports is the perfect proving ground for automakers’ technology. For example, Subaru used to use WRC to direct the world’s attention to its symmetrical all-wheel-drive. While Nissan is no different (remember GTiR?), it does it differently this time.

7-Eleven In Japan Is Trialing Holographic Touch-free Point Of Sale Registers

It will be a while before we are able to manipulate hologram objects like Tony Stark or Michael Jennings without wearing a head-mounted display like the HoloLens. But for now, the closest we will get is this: an invention called Digi POS.

Samsung Revealed Industry’s First Smart All-in-One Fingerprint Security IC For Biometric Payment Cards

Card with fingerprint sensor, secure processor, and secure element is not new. However, Samsung has created a so-called smart all-in-one fingerprint security IC for biometric payment cards that promised enhanced security features enabled by Samsung’s proprietary fingerprint authentication algorithm and anti-spoofing technology.