Star Wars Dart Board featuring artwork by Adam Hughes

Star Wars Dart Board
(photos: Gentle Giant) Star Wars Dart Board | US$99.99 |

everybody loves a game of dart but in case you don’t, it doesn’t hurt to own one dartboard game set for decorative sake, especially if the dartboard is styled after your favorite movie, Star Wars. the highlight here is obviously its dartboard case that’s crafted from quality hard wood and featuring the artwork of comic book artist Adam Hughes much sought-after (and sold out) lithograph “Last Daughter of Alderaan” from the 2006 Star Wars Celebration. the artwork features a desert sun backdrop with Princess Leia in her famous metal bikini that Jabba the Hut lust after so dearly, her hand clutching a Vibro-Ax. on the hardware design, the dartboard is pretty much a standard flair with metal rims, while the case features metal hinges and magnetic closure. the case opens up a tough Bristol target board and two chalk scoring tablets are mounted alongside it, one on each side of the board. also included is two sets of printed flights for users to customize their favorite darts. the Star Wars Dart Board is up for pre-order via Gentle Giant for $99.99 a pop.

Star Wars Dart Board

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