Here’s a mug for those who procrastinate quite a bit and also like to have a cold one while doing so. Officially called Mystic Pint Glass, this drinkware is actually a fortune-telling beer glass that has, well, a built-in fortune teller. So, if you prefer not to talk to a real gypsy, or hand over your change at the machine with a turban-wearing mannequin to get your fortune foretold, this is it. Of course, you need not to be a beer lover to get your fortune told. Booze is just a side benefit.

Barbuzzo Fortune-telling Beer Glass

Seriously, you can be a cranberry juice lover for all I care because, it still works the same way; and there are only 20 possible fortunes. The Mystic Pint Glass, AKA Fortune-telling Beer Glass, essentially is a Magic 8 ball and a beer glass rolled into one. But in this instance, what it’s going to be is at the bottom of the glass. So, drink up and let the magic begins. Hmmm… What do you know? I guess the answer is indeed at the bottom of the glass after all, eh?

Barbuzzo Fortune-telling Beer Glass

Perfect for when you are contemplating if you should be hitting on the pretty girl at the bar after you have one mug too many. Also perfect as a cheeky, fun gift for your family and friends. Holds 27 ounces of liquid of your choice (about 800 milliliters). While it is made of food safe plastic, it is recommended to hand wash only. Works without beverage in it. So, between the Magic Ball 8 and this, this thing is a clear winner since it has one more function to it. Is it not? Get it from Amazon for $13.95 a pop.

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Barbuzzo Fortune-telling Beer Glass

Images: Barbuzzo.

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