Porta Puppy Poop Scoop

Oh, look! Vapoorizer is real! OK. Maybe not. The Porta Puppy Poop Scoop is not Vapoorizer. It will not magically make dog poops disappear, it does however save you the hassle of picking up dog poops with your bare hand separated by just a plastic bag. There’s no cleaning needed. It is actually a poop bag roll carrier integrated with a scoop. While it is refer to as a ‘scoop’, it does not come with the hassle of a scoop. It is more like a hoop that holds the poop bag.

With this innovative contraption, you will never need to pick up dog poops with your hand; all you have to do is to scoop it up, like scooping fish out of water – except that this will be a lot easier as poops won’t run away like fishes do. After you have done the deed, just shake the device side-to-side to make the bag slide through the hoop and voila! Poop scooped and contained. All there is left to do is to wrap it up and dispose it in a waste bin. It is really simpler than I have described.

Not only will you never have to use your hand to pick up poops, but also get a supply of poop bag too, lock and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. When not in use, the hoop can be retracted into a compact form and slip into your pocket or clip onto your belt with the integrated clip.

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Porta Puppy Poop Scoop is patented poop picking solution and it is now live on Kickstarter where you can help to make it a reality. Early backers will be able to secure a unit for as low as 16 bucks, or 20 bucks after that runs out. We would love to see it materializes, but looking at the affordable pricing and the somewhat lofty goal set, it be needing a lot of responsible dog lovers backing it up to be able to turn it into reality. Here’s the product pitch video which has it in action:

Image courtesy of Porta Puppy Poop Scoop.

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