Fortune race ahead with The Story of Steven Jobs & Apple

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(photos: Amazon) All About Steve: The Story of Steven Jobs and Apple | US$10.99 |

Apple fans, or rather Steve Job’s Fans who can’t wait for the official biography, can quench their insatiable appetite for the man and the fruity company with this latest Kindle eBook entitled ‘All About Steve: The Story of Steve Jobs and Apple from the Pages of Fortune’. available for download via Kindle Store, this $10.99 eBook includes interviews with jobs and Adam Lashinsky’s recent investigative piece, Inside Apple, which let us in on how this company really works. other bits include stories from veteran journalists Brent Schlender, Peter Elkind and Lashinsky, an exclusive interview back in 2008 with Jobs, as well as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs talked about the future of computing with FORTUNE in 1991. for the curious minded and probably, Apple fans. the ebook is available for download from Kindle Store now.
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