Both the mutant toad sculpture and Baby Yoda cakes from Sideserf Cakes are impressive, but I think Natalie may have up her own game with this Die Hard Cake, aka John McClane Bust Cake.

Bruce Willis Cake by Sideserf Cakes
Yup. It’s a cake.

Perfect cake for this Christmas because, Die Hard‘s screenwriter confirmed that Die Hard is a Christmas movie! Duh! Basically, Natalie created a John McClane bust out of cake and it is uber realistic, so much so I think Hannibal Lecter would definitely love to have a piece of it. OK. Maybe all of it. The realism is absolutely mind-blowing. Well, at least it is from the video.

The process of making it is the usual. You know, modeling chocolate, vanilla cake, cream and whatnot. The real magic is, IMHO, the sculpturing skills and the attention to details. Those are Natalie’s magic.

Bruce Willis Cake by Sideserf Cakes
Yup. It is STILL a cake.

Man, I just can’t get over how hyperrealistic the bust is. I guess, Natalie is the latest to put Madame Tussaud’s wax figure to shame. I mean seriously, this is a freaking cake, but yet, it look more accurate to actor than the world’s famous wax specialist is capable of doing.

Anyways, keep going to see the entire build process. Just try to keep your drool to yourself – whether or not its for the delicious looking cake or you are just hungry for Bruce Willis as John McClane (hey, I am not judging).

Images: YouTube (Sideserf Cake Studio).

Hat tip: Technabob.

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