From the stunningly detailed Gamera Cake and KFC Bucket Meal cake to Hercules Beetle Grub cake and Bloody Beating Heart cake to Shag Rug cake, there’s no shortage of wonderful, weird and outright grotesque cakes in the world. Recently, a realistic Mutant Toad Cake joined this weird and wonderful world of custom cake creations.

Whipped by Natalie of Sideserf Cakes, the Mutant Toad cake took its inspiration from the recently released post-apocalyptic adventure movie, Love And Monsters. Sideserf Cakes is, of course, the same person behind the too-adorable-to-be-eaten (but was eaten anyways) Baby Yoda cake.

Realistic Mutant Toad Cake by Sideserf Cakes

The cake can only be described as overloaded with details – from the warts to the tiny teeth to the drooling mess as seen in the movie.

I have mixed feelings about this cake. On one hand, I am totally impressed and on the other, the cake look so realistic that at some point I am grossed out by it. Disregarding my conflicting love and grossed out feeling for this wonderful sweet pastry, I have to concede that Natalie is indeed a cake making extraordinaire.

Keep going for a video in which Natalie walks viewers through the entire process. Trust me, you will be even more impressed by this artisanal baker’s creativity after watching the entire video.

Images: YouTube (Sideserf Cake Studio).

Source: Technabob.

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