“John, you are so dumb that I sometimes wonder if you ate rugs growing up,” John: “you know what, may be I did!” That’s what mum bought for my birthday every year, a custom Shag Rug cake.” I know. That was a lame joke, but the custom Shag Rug cake wasn’t a made up thing; it is a real thing and the genius baker who made these shag rug-theme cake is Alana Jones-Mann. The Los Angeles-based baker has made a ton of delectable treats, ranging from Star Trek USS Enterprise, an out-of-this-world tropical snow globe cake, Easter Lamb Cake in the likeness of a super cute lamb, a cake in the shape and size of a pizza and more, but nothing catches our eyes like the Shag cake that features a buttercream exterior, skillfully styled into convincing colorful, patterned shag rugs.

Custom Shag Rug Cakes by Alana Jones-Mann

Each cake is custom made and so, if you want one, you totally can. Just order it from Alana Jones-Mann via her website, Facebook, or Pinterest page. So, who’s up for eating Shag rugs? That, my friends, is the wonder that exists in the world of cake making. It seems like nothing is impossible these days – from pimple popping cake to hyperrealistic kaiju cake. It makes me wonder what’s next for the world of custom cake. Shag Rug cake galore follows after the break…

just a tiny little pop of color for today’s shag cake✨

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Images: Alana Jones-Mann.

via Laughing Squid.

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