Pizza Hut And IKEA Teamed Up To Create Life-size Pizza Saver As Functional Furniture

Pizza saver. One of the world’s most important inventions that no one talks about. This “tiny table” that comes with each take out pizza have quietly saved countless pizzas from being ruin by collapsing cardboard.

Iceland’s Last McDonald’s Order Bought 10 Years Ago Confirms That McDonald’s Does Not Decay

Do you know that Iceland, the island country on the North Atlantic Ocean alongside Faroe Islands, has no McDonald’s? Well, it used to have until 2009 when the fast food chain decided to pull out of the country.

Some Has Put Up Supreme Oreo Red Cookies On eBay And It Is Selling For Over $88,000!

I think the world has officially gone bonkers. So how bonkers? Well, how about $88,000 for a pack of Oreo cookies? I am not even kidding. It is happening right down to a “rare” Supreme/Oreo Cookies.

Cake In The Form Of An Open Book With A Bloody, Beating Heart Is Some Next Level Sh*t

We have some pretty amazing cake of art here, but this one here is some next level shit. What you see here is a cake. No kidding. It is a cake. It was made by one Jane (@fancifulcakes) for her office Valentine’s Day party. Wait… they have a party for that too? Hmmm. What has […]

Edible Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Candy Because, Why Not?

Have you ever watched the classic Ghostbusters and go like, “I wish I could snack on that Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!” If you did, well, the good news is, now you can! Because edible Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Candy is here.

Creative Cake Maker Made A Realistic Hercules Beetle Grub Cake…Ermm, Yummy?

Good lord. We just found a cake maker who have up the ante of the cake with pop-able pimples. Folks, meet Katherine Dey of Deviant Desserts. She is responsible for this larger than life-size Hercules beetle grub cake.

Christmas Dinner-In-A-Can Is For Those Don’t Mind Their Meal Looking Like An Earth Core Sample

We have doubt that the GAME Christmas Tinner (interpretation: Christmas dinner-in-can) is even real, but it is fascinating enough that felt the need to share it with you. You may have across GAME Christmas Tinner back in 2013, but it has recently made headlines again because, well, it is back.

A Special Edition Rick and Morty Pringles Inspired By Pickle Rick Episode Is Coming Your Way

Remember the one time Rick turned himself into a pickle just so he could avoid going to a family therapy session? That was Pickle Rick, 3rd episode of Season 3. We are reminiscing about it two years later because, there’s going to be a potato chip based on, well, Pickle Rick. Yes. You better believe […]