Oreo Mug Ultimate Dunking Gift Set Is Perfect For Kids And Grown Ups Who Love To Dunk It And Eat It

Kids love toys. You know what else kids’ love? Oreo and dunking Oreo in milk, and so that kind of makes Oreo Mug Ultimate Dunking Gift Set the perfect gift for kids. Life of a kids is not always about play.

This Amazing Custom Wedding Cake Of A Peacock Has A Train Made Up Of Cupcakes

I am sure in the history of modern cake-making, there had been bakers who had made peacock-inspired cakes. Well, you know what? Whoever have made peacock cakes before August 2019 probably never looked as amazing as this one whipped by custom cake maker Malizzi Cakes & Pastries in Pennsylvania.

Someone Created A Cooked Bacon Vending Machine, Becoming A Hero The World Needs

So, you think Captain Marvel is the hero that the world needs? Well, I say, bulls to that. We say Meghann Winters of The Ohio State University is the real hero her that the world needs. Why? Because, without her, there wouldn’t be a bacon vending machine. You heard that right. A bacon vending machine.

KFC Partnered With Beyond Meat For Plant-based Fried “Chicken,” Sold Out In A Jiffy

Well, that was quick. On August 26 (Monday), Beyond Meat announced a partnership with KFC to introduced plant-based fried ‘chicken’ known as Beyond Fried Chicken. You heard that right. Vegan KFC was here. It was here and it was gone in a jiffy. Beyond Fried Chicken debuted as a limited, exclusive, one restaurant test on […]

Having Problem With Your Bowel Movement? Fret Not Because, Poop Like A Champion Cereal Is Here To Help

Having issue with number 2 like forever? Well, we feel the pain. It is not without reasons, though, and the most obvious one, according to medical professionals and dieticians, is due to the lack of fiber in your diet and fiber is what Poop Like A Champion Cereal wants to stuff your gut with. I […]

Mustard Ice Cream Is Finally A Thing And It Is Not Served With Hot Dogs

Wasabi, the spicy Japanese food condiment that is a staple with sushi, has already been turned into ice cream and so, it should not surprise us when the western equivalent, i.e. mustard, also has gotten the frozen treatment. You heard right, my friends. Mustard Ice Cream is a thing now. McCormick-owned American food and condiment […]

Shotspresso Is A Ready-To-Drink Coffee-In-A-Vial That Is More Instant Than Instant Coffee

If you find yourself always in need for a shot of coffee, but never find the time or equipment to make a cuppa, then you may want to check out Shotspresso Compact Coffee Shot. Shotspresso Compact Coffee Shot is an interesting instant coffee concept that is more instant than instant coffee. It literally does not […]

Nestle Toll House Wants You To Eat Cookie Dough Right Out Of The Tub

Have you ever look at cookie dough and felt the urge to gobble it (the cookie dough) down? If you do, then you are in luck. Nestlé Toll House has just revealed, wait for it, Edible Cookie Dough. I kid you not. It is the delicious smelling cookie dough that tempted you every time your […]

Burger King Stranger Things Whopper Is Coming Your Way

I don’t remember Stranger Things had this many collabs last season. Anyways, yes, here’s another Stranger Things collaborations running up to the season 3’s premiere on July 4th, 2019. Following Polaroid Stranger Things Edition OneStep 2, LEGO 75810 Stranger Things set revealed in May and more recently Baskin-Robbins and Nike collaborations, the other U.S. burger […]