This Is Not Just Any Gummy Bear, It Is Lil’ Nitro, The World’s Hottest Gummy Bear

When a food or snack comes in just one piece in a packaging that says “hot as hell”, well, you better believe it. Lil’ Nitro is one such snacks. Billed as the world’s hottest gummy bear, Lil’ Nitro is the Paqui Carolina Reaper Madness Chip equivalent, but for the sweet tooth.

How To Eat Healthy If You Have A Busy Schedule

Treating yourself to junk foods, indulging in a high-calorie diet, and binge eating are all bad. However, what is worse is not eating on time and cutting down on food because you do not have the time to spare for a meal. With the busy lifestyle that most of us lead, it is almost impossible …

Watch This Hyperrealistic T-Rex Cake Taking Shape

When we did the last Sideserf Cakes feature, we tell ourselves, perhaps we should stop featuring it because, at the rate Natalie is putting out incredible creations, this blog will become a bonafide Sideserf Cakes Blog. But then, we saw this: Hyperrealistic T-Rex Cake.

Only In Japan: Godiva Teamed With Lawson To Release Godiva Beef Curry Bread

Think Godiva, immediately the image of luxury chocolate comes to mind, and not food like bread or curry because, after all, Godiva is chocolate and pretty much anything related to just chocolate – ice cream, included. But as it turns out bread and curry are exactly what Godiva’s latest product are about.

Naked Kitchen Lets You Make Your Own Vegan Fried Chicken

Meat-free steak is all the rage now. But how can the world’s most eaten meat, aka chicken, be left out of the game? Nope. It’s a crime and thus, the existence of Naked Kitchen: Make Your Own Vegan Fried Chicken Kit. Yes. It is totally a thing which means you can forget about the complicated …