At a glance at this detailed Gamera may lead you into thinking that it is a collectible figure. Well, it is not. As it turns out, this is actually a cake. I repeat. This is a confectionery which you can eat. Created by a Otemae College of Confectionery student by the name of Shoya Okamoto, this monster cake (not by size, though) is made of sweet bean paste, with food coloring mixed to achieve the proper hues and if you look closely, this thing has tons of hues and details on it, which explains why it took Okamoto-san five long days to complete this 2.5 kilograms (5.5 lbs) cake.

We wonder how it actually taste like? Sweet, I supposed? Then again, we won’t want to try because of two reasons: it is too awesome to be eaten and the vividly detailed creases, folds, and ’roughen’ finishes kind of warn us not to mess with it. And it is after all, the “guardian of the universe”, right? We prefer to eat villains, not the good guys, or in this case, a monster turtle.

Gamera Cake by Shoya Okamoto

Gamera Cake by Shoya Okamoto

Gamera Cake by Shoya Okamoto

via Kotaku

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