You have seen countless cosplays and awe at the beauty of body paints, but we assure you that you ain’t see nothing yet cos’ what Kay Pike, a 28-year-old body painter, has done will completely blow your mind. Unlike most body painters who stick to ‘realism’, so to speak, Kay takes on the comic book path. Which means, she paint to make herself look exactly like the character as depicted in the comic books – hard-edged compositions in rich pastel colors. The end result is a body paint that looks exceedingly like the comic book characters on print, but things become seriously surreal when she start to move; it is like the comic characters have come to life.

When we first stumble upon Kay’s works, we were simply astound by the comic book-realism (and we still do). Seriously, we can’t take our eyes off Kay’s body painted versions of Robin, Bizarro-Girl, Doctor Doom, or Two-face – just to name a few. Kay said each work of art takes up to 13 hours to complete and what’s more interesting is, Kay only started painting herself on Twitch a couple of months ago, but already, she has garnered over 20 million views across social media. You can check out more of Kay’s works HERE and HERE.

Kay Pike Comic Book Style Bodypainting

Kay Pike Comic Book Style Bodypainting

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