It is only the beginning of the year and we are finding ourselves stumbling across pretty insane stuff on the web. Well, mostly crazy stuff are words reserved for folks like mad garage inventor like Colin Furze, but today, this insane act was by a 4-year-old girl, Sophie Brown. Surprised? And mind you, she’s no Dennis the Menace, but if Dennis were to stand in her and her Volvo FMX’s way, he’s not going last very long, we promised.

Sophie recently took the wheel of massive Volvo FMX truck using a remote control and took it for a spin in a closed outdoor obstacle course. In the process, young Sophie smashed through a swinging crate, wheeled over some hay bales, and dodged explosions – all without batting an eyelid. But that wasn’t all. She even put the truck to an off-road expedition across water and thanks to a moment of distraction, caused the truck to roll down an embankment. Finally, ending the course (or off course, as it seems) in a spectacular finale by bashing through a small house.

Clearly, she didn’t do all the ‘destructions’ on purpose, or at least we think she wasn’t and the entire live test, as Volvo calls it, was set up to “demonstrate the sturdiness and mobility of the Volvo FMX,” and the new Automatic Traction Control (ATC) that automatically engages the front axle when it’s needed, so it won’t find itself stuck in any situation. What Sophie had done is not to be replicated – just so that you know.

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The footage was filmed with drones in Serbia on a closed-off gravel pit with no one on the ground. Sophie and the crew were at safe distance from the actual insane actions. Of course, if you want to replicate this with your hobbyist RC truck (a parody video, perhaps?), then by all means and if you do, do send us your video. We will love to view it and possibly feature it on our blog.

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