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Volvo To Supply Uber With Autonomous Drive-compatible Cars

Sometimes, it is funny how things out in life. In recent years, especially the last, the talks of autonomous vehicle were pretty active with Google seems likely to be the first to embark on the world’s first. But then, suddenly there are a handful of them making head ways in autonomous drive. Among them was Swedish car maker, Volvo. Not only did the Volvo has made inroads in autonomous drive, the Swedish automaker has disclosed recently that the company has signed a non-exclusive framework agreement with Uber, the ride-sharing company, to supply “tens of thousands” of autonomous driving-compatible based vehicles between 2019 and 2021. Continue reading Volvo To Supply Uber With Autonomous Drive-compatible Cars

The Volvo V70 Turned “Tank” That Has Us Enthralled Is Now On The Block

Remember the one person who took “Volvos are built like a tank” a little too literally and in the process, puts smile on a lot of people faces? Well, apparently, it is has been put up on the block for the sake of Ben Charity. As it turns out, this thing is located in Loughborough, the U.K and the seller has listed it on eBay in a no reserve auction. In case you are interested, it will ship to U.K., the U.S., and Australia, and at the time of this writing, it has garnered 35 bids which push the price to a modest £2,300. The car, or rather the “tank,” started life as a year 2000 Volvo V70 Estate and it was created for a charity run for the best five driving roads in the Alps which it emerged as the winning car out of the 40 other rides in the Bangers for Ben 2017 charity run. Continue reading The Volvo V70 Turned “Tank” That Has Us Enthralled Is Now On The Block

One Person Took “Volvos Are Built Like A Tank” A Little Too Literally

You know how people used to say old Volvos are built like tanks? The saying was probably stem from the marque’s proven track record of survivability in accidents – thanks to the company relentless pursuit of safety since the 70s. My dad used to own a Volvo 200 series that hailed from the 1980s and boy, were the doors thick like a tank’s armor (figuratively speaking, that is) and while thankfully, we did not met with any accident, I can only imagine the ultra thick door probably would have stood up to most impacts. Anyways, as it turns out, someone may have took the aforementioned saying a little too literal by turning his (or was it her?) V70 into a road-going tank, or at least, one that bears an uncanny resemblance to a tank. Continue reading One Person Took “Volvos Are Built Like A Tank” A Little Too Literally

Volvo Adds Sporty Touches To S90 And V90 With R-Design Models

Volvo is not exactly synonymous with performance rides. Safety, for sure, but certainly, not in the performance department. Though they are by no means slouch in that aspect. However, the Swede automaker sure knows a thing or two about sporty looks, which is what its R-Design models are about. Today, another two rides join the R-Design lineup and they are none other than the S90 sedan and V90 estate aka station wagon. Continue reading Volvo Adds Sporty Touches To S90 And V90 With R-Design Models

This Is What Happen When A 4-Y/O Drives A Massive Truck By Remote Control

It is only the beginning of the year and we are finding ourselves stumbling across pretty insane stuff on the web. Well, mostly crazy stuff are words reserved for folks like mad garage inventor like Colin Furze, but today, this insane act was by a 4-year-old girl, Sophie Brown. Surprised? And mind you, she’s no Dennis the Menace, but if Dennis were to stand in her and her Volvo FMX’s way, he’s not going last very long, we promised. Continue reading This Is What Happen When A 4-Y/O Drives A Massive Truck By Remote Control

Volvo Makes XC90 A Littler Sportier With R-Design Treatment

Is the Volvo SUV/crossover XC90 not sporty enough for you? Well, not all hope is lost cos’ the Swedish automaker has given its award-winning XC90 a sporty makeover, by the way of R-Design model. Though the improvement are limited to cosmetic and equipment level. Slapped with R-Design namesake, the exterior of the seven-seat SUV is distinguished by a set massive 20-inch diamond-cut allow wheels, silver-effect door mirrors, gloss black mesh front grille and tinted rear windows, while the inside, gets leather/nubuck sports seats, a 12.3-inch active TFT driver’s information display, along with a perforated leather-trimmed steering wheel with paddle shifter. Continue reading Volvo Makes XC90 A Littler Sportier With R-Design Treatment

This Dude Turned A Volvo 240 Wagon Into A Delightful Amphibious Vehicle

amphibious vehicle is almost always associated with rugged, off-road vehicles and never had or will ever have a romantic relationship with road cars, much less a Volvo 240 Wagon, well, that’s until now. a New Yorker by the name of Theon Parseghian, who apparently has this undying love for tinkering with cars in a brutal and fun manner (such as this one here), decided that he should made an amphibious vehicle and the ride of choice is the aforementioned, sweet Volvo 240 Wagon. according to Jalopnik, Theon had a ’85 Brat engine bolted to where the rear seats used to and hooked it up to a propeller for pushing the vehicle through the water. obviously, there were a lot more done to the vehicle to make it water-worthy, which we don’t have a whole lot details. Continue reading This Dude Turned A Volvo 240 Wagon Into A Delightful Amphibious Vehicle

Inflatable Child Car Seat By Volvo

if you have kids, you probably have experience screaming in frustration at your car’s rear seat while trying to install a basic child car seat. yea. we know how it felt like and so does Volvo. traditionally, child car seat is never easy to install and when you finally did the deed, you realized that it takes up a whole lot space despite it is a seat for a very small kid. with this in mind, Volvo set out to design something that would break this undesirable tradition and even let you lug the seat around from car to car with extreme ease. simply refer to as the Inflatable Child Car Seat, this rearward facing infant throne features a strong drop-stitch fabric and at a touch of a button, an integrated pump inflates and deflates the seat in a matter of 40 seconds or less. Continue reading Inflatable Child Car Seat By Volvo

Volvo Concept Estate

another auto show and the final piece of the puzzle is in place. we are talking about the third in a series of concept cars which Swedish automobile maker Volvo serves up based on the firm’s new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) and what better way then to wrap it up with an estate aka station wagon after the Concept Coupe and the Concept XC Coupe? actually that part is debatable. we didn’t catch a glimpse of the teaser and we thought, a stretched sedan would be the next in line for the trilogy concepts. regardless, we are embracing the shooting brake styling, especially after our re-exposure to the super low mileage classic 1800 ES when we featured here not too long ago. speaking of the 1800 ES, the Concept Estate has in fact borrowed a few loving elements from it, which is nice touch and i am not just saying it. Continue reading Volvo Concept Estate

1973 Volvo 1800 ES

do you fancy buying a 40-year-old new car? as bizarre as the question might sound, it is actually possible and the car in question is this 1973 Volvo 1800 ES. well, maybe it is not the new, new car that was fresh out of the factory, but it has a very young heart: this 1800 ES clocked just 90 miles (145 kilometers) on the odometer throughout its 40 plus years and it could be yours, if you are residing in North America, for just $73,900. sold through ExoticClassics, the 1973 Volvo 1800 ES was said to have been first purchased from its original owner, a long time Kansas City Volvo Dealer, and has been borrowed and displayed by Volvo for various promotional purposes. Continue reading 1973 Volvo 1800 ES