Volvo V70 Turned Into An Imperial Star Destroyer

Many years ago, someone look at his Volvo V70 and thought, it’d be a good idea to turn it into a tank. It puts smiles on people’s faces and we laughed and dismissed it as someone who took the saying that old Volvos are built like a tank too literally. But what we did not see coming is a Volvo V70 turned into a rolling Imperial Star Destroyer. Yup. It heard right.

It happened back in 2020, right here on this very planet. It was not the prettiest conversion, to be honest, but at a glance, you’d thought there was an Imperial Star Destroyer parked on the grassy ground. The only giveaway was the still-stock Volvo’s upper with the A, B, and C pillars all intact.

About two years ago, the Volvo V70 Imperial Star Destroyer was listed on the Facebook marketplace and later on, sold. But for how much, it is unclear. Official sale description:

“Up for parts or sale complete is this Imperial Star Destroyer.

Chase down Rebel scum and tame Princess leia in this somewhat to scale Galactic Empire Destroyer. Featuring functional Turbo Lasers and Hyperdrive (disclaimer sub warp engine non fucntional)

The ship sustained a direct hit from a X Wing to one of the Shield domes and some hits to the general body from an asteroid field.”

Not like the hardware needed any more colorful description.

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Images: Facebook Marketplace.

via Instagram.