Now You Can Carry The Child Animatronic Edition Figure Around With This Carrier!

Hasbro must have figured out that carrying an animatronic Baby Yoda around can be a challenge without a proper space pram. While the toymaker understands this, it is not about to give you a Hover Pram. Instead, it is now selling the Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition Figure With Carrier.

Mattel Creations 12 Days Of Fandom: 288 Hours Of Collectibles For SDCC 2021

Mattel is making this year’s San Diego Comic-Con 2021 aka [email protected] (July 23-25, 2021) a little extra special with a campaign called “12 Days of Fandom”.

When Fans Asked For A LEGO UCS Star Wars Republic Gunship, They Probably Did Not Ask For This Price

Call me a purist or whatever. I cannot accept anything other than the original Star Wars trilogy. In other words, any merchandise outside of the trilogy does not appeal to me. However, if you are a super fan of the Star Wars franchise, regardless of shape or form, the LEGO 75309 Star Wars Republic Gunship …

Aquarium With Sunken, Algae-covers AT-AT Aquascape Is A Sight To Behold

I am confident that aquarium-loving, Star Wars fans will be enthralled by what Carly Thompson did to her 5 gallon Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium. While Thompson’s set up aren’t as extensive or lavish as those aquariums you have seen in Discovery’s Tank, it is still very much a sight to behold. Why? Because, Star …

The Mandalorian The Child Chia Planters: For Those Who Can’t Enough Of Grogu

Anyone who can’t enough of Grogu, aka The Child, of Star Wars The Mandalorian will want to check out the Star Wars The Child Chia Cat Grass Planter by NECA. Cos’ if you want to grow some nutritious treat for your cat(s), why not do it The Mandalorian way?

New LEGO Star Wars Sets Are Strictly For Fans Of The Mandalorian

Super fans of Star Wars, rejoice! There are more LEGO Star Wars sets coming your way – specifically, The Mandalorian-themed. Announced at Saturday’s LEGO Con are three brand new LEGO Star Wars sets, namely, LEGO 75311 Imperial Armored Marauder, LEGO 75312 Boba Fett’s Starship and LEGO 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser.

Citizen x Star Wars Ana-Digi Temp Watches: Fitting Tribute To The Biggest Sci-Fi Movie Franchise Of Our Time

I have never noticed if watches exist in the Star Wars universe. If they do exist, I imagine they would look like the Citizen x Star Wars Rebel Pilot & Trench Run Watches.

Disney Imagineering Research And Development Has A Created A Real-life, Working Lightsaber

Well, it looks Hacksmith’s 4000 degrees plasma lightsaber ain’t the closest mankind will ever get to a real lightsaber because, Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development has created a real-life lightsaber that extends like we have seen it in the movies.