ASKA A5 Flying Car FAA Special Airworthiness Cert

This is AKSA A5, it is another flying that has been awarded a special airworthiness certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct test flights after the Alef Flying Car. TBH. It looks more like an aircraft that is made to roll on the roads than an actual flying car like the Alef.

ASKA A5 Flying Car FAA Special Airworthiness Cert

The AKSA A5 is a 4-seater “drive and fly eVTOL” that has a maximum flight speed of up to 150 mph (241 km/h). While primarily a VTOL, it is also capable of STOL – short takeoff and landing too. On the road, it is a road-worthy vehicle the size of an SUV, albeit not looking like a car, let alone an SUV. However, it is boarded like a regular car which allows boarding from anywhere, including at home in a garage, or out on the street.

Interestingly, it is not fully electric. It has what ASKA called “dual energy supply sources” which means it is electric but has a petrol engine that serves as a range extender to charge the onboard batteries, affording it a 250 miles (402 km) maximum flight range.

It is not the prettiest flying car and certainly not the flying car we imagine it to be but it is done so for good reasons. The wings are not only optimized for safe landings and reduced energy consumption, but it also allows ASKA A5 to glide.

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ASKA A5 Flying Car FAA Special Airworthiness Cert

It is powered by 6 motor systems, each with its own independent battery source which increases safety and redundancy. It has another key safety design feature: a ballistic parachute that could save the vehicle and passengers during an emergency.

Not going to lie. The look of the aircraft is anything but futuristic. It looks like a hunk of something. It is definitely not pleasant to the eyes. From what I gathered, the vehicle is aircraft first, car second. The car mode is designed for the first and last mile, and operating it would require a private pilot’s license. So, I guess it is kind of a driving aircraft?

In addition to receiving the blessing from FAA which allows air testing, ASKA is actually taking pre-orders for the vehicle. However, I don’t believe it has a price yet.

Images: ASKA.

via Simple Flying.