Fanatec Steering Wheel for BMW M4 GT3

While gaming peripheral makers are striving to make their gaming steering wheels as realistic as possible, Fanatec and BMW Motorsport took it to the next level by developing a steering wheel that can be used as a driving simulator hardware as well as an actual steering wheel on the 2022 BMW M4 GT3 race car.

Fanatec Steering Wheel for BMW M4 GT3

Folks, meet the Fanatec Steering Wheel for BMW M4 GT3. Whether it is a gaming peripheral or a steering control for an automobile, the Fanatec Steering Wheel for BMW M4 GT3 is the epitome of gaming hardware/racing car steering wheel design.

The fact that it has a quick-release system that allows it to be removed from its USB-C-connected Podium series base and installed inside a BMW M4 GT3 is something of an engineering marvel.

Fanatec Steering Wheel for BMW M4 GT3

Since this is essentially a real racing car steering wheel too, expect nothing less, including a very cool carbon fiber construction. The steering wheel further features RGB LED-backlit buttons, 12-position rotary switches, custom thumb encoders, dual-action magnetic shifters, and dual-Hall sensor clutch paddles.

The functions are, of course, programmable, either via Fanalab software on a PC or via the vehicle CAN bus.

Fanatec Steering Wheel for BMW M4 GT3

Now, for the good news. Fanatec Steering Wheel for BMW M4 GT3 is something (a lot of) money can buy. It is supposed to start selling on Q2 2021, but so far, we have not heard of it being available.

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In any case, there is no latest news other than the launch of a 30-min documentary on the development of the Fanatec Steering Wheel for BMW M4 GT3 called Fusion: Motorsport Meets SIM Racing. You can find the documentary in the embedded video below.

As for how much the hardware will cost, we heard it will cost “below 5,000 euros” which is a princely sum. Mind you. That’s not including the Podium base (which is not cheap also) and of course, it does not include a car that accepts the steering wheel.

Clearly, not everyone has that kind of money and so, if you really want a BMW-branded steering wheel for your Fanatec system, there is the Clubsport Steering Wheel BMW GT2 V2 that costs just US$299.95. Again, the price is not including the base and neither does it include the foot pedals which you will need to complete the experience.

All images courtesy of BMW.