Image: BMW M8 GTE To Turn Night Into Day At Le Mans

BMW has collaborated with Osram to develop a new cutting-edge LED technology for the BMW M8 GT8’s headlights that is not only high range, but also capable of illuminating the entire with of the track. This innovative light technology will make its debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans where the new BMW M8 […]

This Is The BMW P63/1, The Heart Of BMW’s WEC Contender, The BMW M8 GTE

Adoration for cars is beyond aesthetic. A true car lover will learn to adore the motor as much as the power it pumps out. I am not sure about you, but I, for one, is a person who love marveling at the engine as much as driving the car, or admiring its bodywork. This is […]

Don’t Modified A BMW M4 Coupé For Track Until You Have Read This!

If you are planning to turn a lovely BMW M4 into a track-going beast, well, don’t, because BMW wants to save you the hassle with this tuned-for-track 2018 BMW M4 GT4. That’s right. The luscious M4 has a track variant and it wouldn’t be anything less of a ‘yay’ for track enthusiasts and racing car […]

BMW Motorsport Tent

love camping over at motorsport events? well, here’s a tent that will make look the part at those gas-burning parties. it is a tent from BMW Motorsport, introduced as part of the Munich-based automaker’s Motorsport Collection. the BMW Motorsport Tent, as it is officially known as, features a PU-coated polyester construction and taped seams for water resistant

BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition

this year marks BMW Motorsport’s return to the DTM after nearly a 20-year hiatus and the results as far as the race is concerned, is remarkable. the team managed to bag three wins: the driver’s title, team standing and the manufacturer title and the Munich-based automaker is celebrating this achievement with a limited edition M3, aptly dubbed as BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition…