BMW M GmbH continues its 50th-anniversary celebration at this year’s Good Festival of Speed. In addition to showcasing the models from the past, present, and future, the M brand will also premiere the first-ever BMW M3 Touring MotoGP Safety Car aka ‘Official Car of MotoGP’ – a duty which it has diligently carried out since 1999.

BMW M3 Touring MotoGP Safety Car

The safety car will debut along with the previously revealed first-ever BMW M3 Touring. Since this is a celebration of the Golden anniversary, the safety car will rock a special 50 Years of BMW M Livery, and all MotoGP safety cars from 1999 to the present day are listed on the car. The safety car is also a rolling showroom of BMW M GmbH cos it will be equipped with all the product range from the BMW M Performance Parts.

The MotoGP safety cars further boast modifications like Recaro race seats, 4-point harness, safety cross beam, roof lights, front flashes, emergency disconnector, and a fuel extraction system.

All images courtesy of BMW Group.

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