What We Have Missed: Day 208 Week 30 In The Year Of 2014

2015 Toyota Sienna Toyota Sienna Lets You Scream At Your Kids Without Turning Around
the new 2015 Toyota Sienna features a built-in microphone up front that will amplify your speech and output them through the rear speakers, thus solving the age-old problem of parents needing to response (mostly screaming) at their unruly kids while driving. nothing breaking, but surely useful. LEARN MORE.

2015 Fiat Panda Cross Fiat Panda Now Want To Takes On The Beaten Paths
based on the Fiat Panda 4×4, the Fiat Panda Cross features Torque-on-Demand all-wheel drive with ESC, Electronic Locking Differential and Hill Descent Control, oversized tires, improved attack angles, more ground clearance, plus other improvements for enhanced all-terrain capability. from £15,945. BUY

The MG Watch By Ernst Graaf The MG Watch By Ernst Graaf
officially licensed by MG, the new MG Watch collection is powered by Swiss movements, plus features including a stainless steel case, a 1950s MG TD radiator grilled watch face, hardened mineral glass, Cordovan straps, and water resistant to 5 bar. limited to 100 units per model per annum. £1,405. BUY.

Dainese Manis Back Protector Dainese Manis Back Protector For Riders
unless there is a real airbag solution that’s practical and actually works, riders looking to protect themselves while on a motorbike has to look to protection like this Dainese Manis Back Protector which offers freedom of movement and a design that dissipates the energy in the even of an impact. $209.95. BUY.

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Selfie Toaster Selfie Toaster Lets You Eat Your Own Selfie For Breakfast
now that you have taken your selfies, Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp wants you to eat it by transferring your selfie of choice into a toaster where you can have your selfie imprinted on your toasts and eat it. this is made possible by transferring the selfie onto a metal plate which is inserted into the toaster. $75. BUY. [via]