Meet Argo Transform, The World’s First A Dual-Camera AR Attachment For Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets that promised augmented reality (AR) integration that puts critical info right before you eyes are nothing new, but so far, most of them requires you to acquire a brand new helmet that cost upwards of thousands of dollars. The Argon Transform by Singapore-based Whyre here, however, is not most of them. Argon Transform […]

The Future Of Motorcycle Helmet May Be Adaptive Like Madillo

Here’s a radical motorcycle helmet called Madillo that will make you exclaim “radical” and at the same time, question “is it safe enough to protect our delicate skull from crushing on impact?” We do not have an answer to the latter, but we are going to go ahead and assume it does, and if it […]

Hudway Sight Is An AR Head-up Display For ANY Helmet

When driving, taking your eyes off the road to check for directions on your smartphone can have dire consequences. Worst if you are riding a motorcycle or cycling. The solution is, obviously, head-up display, but a dedicated helmet with HUD is going to cost, a lot. This is where HUD maker Hudway wants to make […]

Leather Top Air Filter Wants To Add Color And Style To Your Cafe Racer

Unlike cars, nearly everything on a motorcycle are laid out in plain sight and as such, style-conscious folks may want components and parts that are fitting with their style. If you concur and ride a two-wheeler, specifically a cafe racer, then the DNA Universal Leather Top Air Filter is for you. The star design feature […]

With Astric Jacket And Motorcycle Cover Combo, You May Never Need Boxes On Your Ride Anymore

A motorcycle looks best without boxes, but without boxes, you will have limited storage and limited storage means bare necessities, such as your riding jacket and motorcycle cover, will not be able to tag along. Well, that’s until now. Some motorcycle enthusiasts in Hong Kong has came up with a simple yet brilliant solution, and […]

Halley Is The Most Stylish Bike Helmet Rack With Or Without Helmet Over It

So, you ride a bike and you have a helmet or two, but what do you do with the helmet(s) when not riding? Stowaway in the box? You could do that, or you could display your prized helmet in all its glory, on the wall with the Halley Helmet Rack from Barcelona-based Halley Accessories. TBH, […]

CrossHelmet Heightened Your Senses With 360 Vision And Sound Control

Motorcycle puts a rider closer to the action and hence, more in touch with the surrounding, but with those perks come the risks. Riders of two-wheeler do not get the same level of protections as drivers of automobile and therefore, it is imperative that the rider has heightened senses. Unfortunately, being human means riders do […]

12L Motorcycle Tail Bag: A Storage That Won’t Mar The Look Of Your Ride

So, you have a hot, sporty two-wheeler and the last thing you want is to slap it with a cumbersome cargo box to contain your belongings. Seriously, no self-professed bike lovers will want that. You’d be doing the bike injustice, really. But the question comes back to, what happens if you need to bring some […]

Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet Replica Is Great For Halo Cosplay Too

Master Chief AKA MCPON John-117 is arguably as iconic as the game Halo itself – probably because he was the only survivor in the SPARTAN-II supersoldiers program, though the animation movie depicted otherwise, but that’s another story for another day. With the exception of the animation series, which actually show the young John-117’s face, no […]

Samsung Smart Windshield Is The Head-up Display For Motorcycle

When it comes to minimizing distraction during driving to improve safety, cars have received much love with developments like head-up display and advanced collision warning system. Unfortunately, this area is largely ignored in motorcycle. While there are efforts my helmet makers to incorporate head-up display on helmet, they are accessories which will not be a […]