Dual Camera AR Attachment for Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle helmets that promised augmented reality (AR) integration that puts critical info right before you eyes are nothing new, but so far, most of them requires you to acquire a brand new helmet that cost upwards of thousands of dollars. The Argon Transform by Singapore-based Whyre here, however, is not most of them. Argon Transform is, in fact, a kit, a dual-camera AR attachment with head-up display (HUD) that will turn any motorcycle helmet into a smart and interactive motorcycle helmet.

Dual Camera AR Attachment for Motorcycle Helmet

It leverages on a see-through head-up display that retrofits to your helmet, a Bluetooth handlebar controller, along with simple user interface to put information like caller ID, GPS navigation, speedometer et cetera right before you, on your favorite helmet. The kit also includes a low-latency rear camera feed that provides a near-180-degree FoV of what’s behind you, plus it has a front dash cam (on the HUD unit itself) that lets you record high-quality HD videos and it is controllable with the included Bluetooth handlebar control.

Key highlights are as follows:

• Two-Way Bluetooth Intercom System: Private and seamless communication channel for rider distances of up to 100 meters apart.
• Hi-Fi Speakers and Microphone: Noise cancelling speakers and microphone are fitted into the helmet, while the back attachment manages music, calls, and audio navigation cues.
• Offline Built-in GPS: Does not require data and operates even in remote areas where the cellular network is weak.
• Up to 8-hour Lithium-Polymer Battery for longer rides between charges and outdoor use. 
• Dedicated Mobile App: Access specific ride statistics, captured media, Argon settings, Argon social community, digital riding logbook (record last maintenance dates, spare part changes/cost etc.) 

The system uses a three-way wireless system allow the HUD, the handlebar and your smartphone to be connected simultaneously. Whyre has taken to Indiegogo to peddle its ware. It is looking to raise $24,946 to get the product into production.

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If you are down, you can help to make it a reality by backing Argon Transform. A pledge of $397-595, depending on how soon you act on it, will secure you a setup, ready to be shipped in February 2020 if the campaign meets its set funding goal. Continue reading for the pitch video to learn more.

All images courtesy of Whyre.