TinyScope CAM DWARF II: It’s A Telescope But Without A Telescope Tube

In over a decade, we have only featured one telescope here. The last and the only telescope we featured completely destroyed our image of a telescope because it was a stargazer that’s just 8-inch long. Fast forward to 2022, our mind is yet again blown by an even crazier telescope, the DWARF II Smart Telescope …

BAGO Is Nifty Accessory For Keeping Grocery Bag Upright In A Car

First, there are seatbelts for people. Then there is a seatbelt for dogs, and now there is a seatbelt for, ermm, bags? OK. The BAGO is not intrinsically a seatbelt for bags (but it is made of seatbelt-like material). It is more of a security line to keep things like grocery bags from going places …

This Device Will Prevent Drowning If The User Is Unconscious In Water

Imagine this. You were out taking on the mega waves and got knocked out of your surfboard. Your head hits the board and you get knocked out cold, leaving your face in the water and drowning every second. The Wuanap you see here is designed to save you from that.

Mango Power Union Is A Super-Capacity “Uninterrupted Power Supply” For Your Home

If you live in a place where outages are as common as the birds on the trees, or you just want to be prepared, then you may want to check out the Mango Power Union Home Micro-Grid.

Audiophile Headphone Maker Audeze Introduces Its First Non-headphone Product: A Speakerphone

Audeze, the company best known for its audiophile-grade planar headphones, has introduced its first non-headphone product, a conference speakerphone called FILTER.

Hyper Triple 4K Display Dock Lets You Hook Up To 3 External Displays To Your MacBook Pro

Ever wanted to use your MacBook Pro with multiple external displays? If the answer is yes, Hyper Triple 4K Display Dock for MacBook Pro may be a good fit for you.

Sony Off-Ear Headphones: It’s A Pair Of Headphones That Does Not Touch Your Ears

You know how it is when running with earbuds stuck in your sound holes. You can’t hear shit and that could be a dangerous thing in open environments. With this in mind, Sony presents its solution: Sony Off-Ear Headphones.

This Is The World’s First Laser-Targeting Gun-Shaped Controller Designed Specifically For FPS Gaming

It has a been while since we last saw a gun-shaped game controller. The last one we saw was a buildable AR toy gun and that is for an AR game (which can work perfectly without the gun controller). I guess in today’s FPS, there is really no need for a gun controller.

Meet The World’s First Hybrid Wireless Power Bank That Can Charge Both Apple Watch And MagSafe iPhones

Ever thought that it will be great if a power bank could wirelessly charge both the Apple Watch and MagSafe-equipped iPhone? Well, if you do, your dream just came through.