Kimos Is The “World’s First Self-heating Thermos That Boils Water In Just 3 Minutes”

Whether you prefer warm water or need boiling hot water for your instant noodle, or instant coffee when you are in the wild, Kimos Self-heating Thermos will have you covered. Billed as the world’s first self-heating thermos that actually boils water in just 3 minutes, Kimos will ensure you have piping hot coffee or cooked …

Shargeek 67W Charger Pays Homage To The Classic Macintosh PC And The Matrix

Remember the super cool charging brick that looked like the classic Macintosh all-in-one computer? Well, there is a new one. This time it is more powerful and has a functional display as opposed to just lighting up. Folks, meet the new and upgraded Shargeek 67W Charger with Power Display.

Philips Screeneo U5 Ultra Short Throw 4K Projector

Following the success of the Philips Screeneo U4 Ultra Short Throw Projector on Indiegogo which rolled in over 6 million USD in funding, the Dutch electronics giant is taking another UST to Indiegogo. This time is the Philips Screeneo U5 Ultra Short Throw 4K Projector and it has met its set funding goal in no …

NOA Forest Axe Is More Than An Axe. It Is A 9-in-1 Camping/Survival Multi-tool

If you are heading out into the wilderness, the new NOA Forest Axe from Roamer Korea will come in very handy. Designed first and foremost as a chopping tool for your outdoor survival needs, NOA has an axe head that strikes a balance between accuracy and force.

NovaPlus A8 Duo Stylus: Possibly A Better Stylus For iPad And Cheaper Too

Apple Pencil is one of the best things to ever happen for iPads but it is goddamn expensive for a stylus, and it has an expendable tip (that isn’t cheap either) that can add to the cost over time. Enters NovaPlus A8 Duo. It is a stylus for Apple iPad that offers a powerful alternative …

The Blacktime Celestial 11PM Is A Smartwatch With Two Domed AMOLED Displays

Most – if not all smartwatches – look like, well, regular wristwatches. Occasionally, you do find one or two that try to break the convention. Even then none of them is quite like the Blacktime Celestial 11PM Smartwatch. Even the name itself hints that it isn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill smart timepiece.

Dragonfly Hyperscooter Has 3D Full-tilt Steering System And Wishbone Suspension

What you see here is the new Dragonfly 4-wheel stand-up electric scooter, the “world’s first hyperscooter”. It may not be nearly as fast as the two-wheeled Segway GT Series and the single-wheel Bogode Master but what it has to offer is a ride experience unlike no other and of course, a drop-dead gorgeous aesthetic.

Shine Turbine Is A Portable Wind Turbine That Fits Into Your Backpack

If you use gadgets while out in the wilderness, a generator or a solar panel (or both) is a must-have in addition to the usual high-capacity power banks. But if you want to travel light and still be able to harvest free energy rain or shine, day or night, the Shine Turbine from Canadian startup …