Logitech Reach Pro 2-in-1 Webcam, Overhead Camera: Webcam, Reimagined

What you see here is a webcam, reimagined for today’s content creators and streamers. Called Logitech Reach, it offers a groundbreaking camera experience for diverse user needs. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate non-digital content into in-person presentations, classes, calls, or streams, catering to creators, educators, gamers, streamers, designers, and business purposes alike.

Pavlok Is Back With A New Shocking Device, Like Literally, To Make Sure Wake Up On Time

Who can forget the wearable sleep tracker that can wake you up with a shock on your wrist, right? If you don’t remember Pavlok, here’s a chance for you to get acquainted with it. Folks, meet the new Shock Clock Max. Unlike the previous generation shock-your-wrist-to-wake-you-up device, this one has a backlit screen. This allows …

The “Internet Host Key” From The Chinese Sci-Fi Flick Wandering Earth 2 Is Now A Power Bank

A power bank can get obsolete. Although it will take a while before new charging technologies make it obsolete. When that happens, you will likely have to send it to a battery recycler. Well, not if your power bank is the Sharge “The Wandering Earth 2” Internet Host Key Power Bank.

Meet The UZE BOLD-2, The World’s Fastest Graphene Power Bank That Is Also A Power Hub

If you are still carrying multiple power banks for your different devices, well, don’t. Because that is so 2010. In 2023, we only need one power bank to charge all our on-the-road devices, including your trusty laptop like the MacBook Pro. And the one power bank is this: UZE BOLD-2.

Mecha-inspired Case Caged Up Your AirPods, Offers Both Protection And Looks

We saw this super cool accessory for Apple AirPods a couple of weeks ago but somehow it slipped our mind. Now that we remembered it, it is, ermmm, gone? I am not sure why. The product, the G-CUBE: AirPods Pro Luminous Armor Storage Case was on Indiegogo, but somehow it did not get enough traction …

Kimos Is The “World’s First Self-heating Thermos That Boils Water In Just 3 Minutes”

Whether you prefer warm water or need boiling hot water for your instant noodle, or instant coffee when you are in the wild, Kimos Self-heating Thermos will have you covered. Billed as the world’s first self-heating thermos that actually boils water in just 3 minutes, Kimos will ensure you have piping hot coffee or cooked …

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