What you see here is a webcam, reimagined for today’s content creators and streamers. Called Logitech Reach, it offers a groundbreaking camera experience for diverse user needs. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate non-digital content into in-person presentations, classes, calls, or streams, catering to creators, educators, gamers, streamers, designers, and business purposes alike.

Logitech Reach Pro 2-in-1 Webcam, Overhead Camera

This innovative camera allows users to showcase content and then effortlessly maneuver it along multiple axes to narrate their story. It ensures an immersive, engaging experience with its premium 1080p/60fps video quality, glass optics, smart autofocus, and 4.3x lossless zoom. Users can easily position the camera with intuitive gestures, combining horizontal and vertical movements to present unique perspectives.

With a plug-and-play USB interface compatible with various computers and platforms, Logitech Reach promises a hassle-free setup. It offers adaptability, working equally well in desktop or compact stowed modes using a low-profile edge clamp.

Logitech Reach Pro 2-in-1 Webcam, Overhead Camera

Whether for virtual meetings, online tutoring, creative collaborations, gaming, or live streaming, Logitech Reach empowers users to curate captivating and interactive presentations.

If you have a use for such a webcam, you can pre-order the Logitech Reach on Indiegogo for a discounted price of US$259. And you may want to do that because the retail price is a whopping US$399. This is Logitech’s first-ever pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo, btw. And it does not have unlimited stock to go around. Last checked, there are only 95 units left up for grabs. After which you will have to pay the full price (US$399). The product is expected to ship sometime in July 2024.

Logitech Reach Pro 2-in-1 Webcam, Overhead Camera

The Logitech Reach is not the first versatile overhead webcam. Lenovo also has one that takes it a step further by doubling as a desk lamp.

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Logitech Reach Pro 2-in-1 Webcam, Overhead Camera

Images: Logitech.

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