Kandao 360-degree Conference Camera Wants Meeting Attendees To Quit Squeezing In Front Of A Webcam

Have you been on a multiple attendees video conference? Well, that wasn’t exactly the most pleasant experience, was it? I mean, it is no fun with so many people cramped in front of a webcam. But not if Kandao Meeting can help it. Kandao Meeting is designed specifically for video conferencing.

This Is Portal, A Facebook Video Chat Camera No One Asks For

Apparently, video chat is such a big deal that it calls for Facebook to development of dedicated hardware for the sole purpose of video calling. The social media network giant has has announced on Saturday a pair of video chat devices called Portal and Portal+. No. Portal is nothing sci-fi-ish. It will not port you […]

Google’s New Hardware Wants To Create Meetings Without Bounds

Google reaches is far and wide. Its hardware has crept into homes and now it is reinforcing its hardware and software presence in offices too with the help of a few designed by Google hardware. The Hangouts Meet Hardware, as it is called, comprises of four components: three Google hardware including a touchscreen controller, a […]

Razer Announced New Desktop Camera And Microphone With A Couple Of World’s First

With so many gamers turning to streaming to earn their keeps, it only makes sense that one of the leading gaming lifestyle company, Razer, would want to dabble in streaming broadcast hardware. In fact, the company has recently announced a couple of new certified broadcast hardware joining its Broadcaster product line. The products, Razer Kiyo […]

Logitech Meetup: A Made-for-Huddle Room Video Conference Camera

If you have not catch on with today’s business operation trend, you ought to educate yourself that huddle room, i.e. small conference area complete with audio, video and display system technology, is a thing and the video conference camera, AKA video collaboration device, you see here is Logitech’s answer to this current trend. Designed from […]

Ricoh R Development Kit 24-Hour Spherical Live Streaming Camera Opens For Pre-order

If you think live video stream is limited to what our eyes can see (AKA field of view), well, think again. Ricoh, the ancient imaging equipment maker who managed to adapt and survive in this brutal digital world, has a camera with the technology that is totally capable of delivering up to 24 hours of […]

Meet Logitech BRIO, The World’s First HDR and UHD Webcam

I can’t remember the last time I had to turn on an external webcam. These day, most all-in-one PCs already had a built-in webcam which begs the question: is there still a place of external webcams? Perhaps, no, but that’s until Logitech BRIO comes along. How so? Because it records and streams in freaking 4K. […]

iDoorCam: Doorbell Reinvented

if you often find yourself dragging your feet to answer the door, then perhaps, it is time to enlist the help of the iDoorCam. this sleek, minimalist device replaces your existing doorbell and make use of the current doorbell’s cabling for power, and packs built-in WiFi connectivity, a button for the ringer, a day- and night-vision camera, plus a speaker and microphone combo.


so you own an Android smartphone, tablet and probably having fun with cloud-computing on your Chromebook but your Google’s Android experience is far from complete – at least not without a Google TV or in this case, an Android TV. there is no out-of-the-box Android TV per say but you could turn your regular HDTV into one with this $129.99 ARCHOS TV…

Logitech TV Cam HD

there was a time when webcam chat was bound to computers and it was mainly used by friends and lovers. times have changed. not only did the quality of picture have improved drastically, its usage extends now extend beyond peers to grandparents and the rest of the family which, obviously, your typical webcam won’t be able to capture it all. this is where you will need…