I know what we say about how I am a sucker for style. Clearly, the Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 2K QHD Webcam is not stylish. It cannot stack up to Lumina, or the Opal C1 in the style department, nor does it stand out like the anthropomorphic webcam. But it has one thing those super cool webcams don’t have: a lens cap.

Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 2K QHD Webcam

Granted that the lens cap solution on the Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 2K QHD Webcam could be more elegant but hey, if it works, it is good in our books. Plus, it is actually quite affordable at US$49.99. It sure is good value when you considered that it delivers 2K QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) at 30 frames per second and has 4x digital zoom which allows you to choose the best and crop to your needs and environment. No more Zoom calls with a background you don’t want to be seen, well, kind of.

The more important use of the zoom feature is that it allows you to choose an optimally-spaced zoom range to fit a group of 4 or capture just yourself with a perfectly-framed head-to-shoulder view for one-on-one calls.

Also built into the webcam are dual omnidirectional mics that feature VoiceDetect which picks your voice when you speak and cuts off when you stop. And then there’s the NoiseClean-out that removes unwanted background noise from your side, so that your team hears you loud and clear, less the background noise.

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Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 2K QHD Webcam

Finally, the Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 2K QHD Webcam is UVC compliant. This means it is a 100% plug-and-play webcam, requiring no additional driver. And it works with both Windows and macOS laptops and desktop computers and is compatible with the most popular video conferencing software, including Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and more.

The webcam comes with a universal mounting clip that secures firmly to any laptop or desktop monitor. It can also be mounted to any universal tripods. A super long cable (1.8 meters or 5.9 feet) further ensures placement flexibility. And oh, the universal mounting clip allows 360-degree rotation of the webcam as well as 30-degree tilt.

The Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 2K QHD Webcam can be had now for the aforementioned US$49.99.

Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 2K QHD Webcam

All images courtesy of Creative Technology [US].

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