If you prefer to use your iPhone without protection i.e. naked, then you ought to give it a case. No. Not that kind of case. This kind of case: the Hardgraft Bear Hug iPhone Case. Like a bear hug, the case is designed to hold your naked iPhone snuggly, protecting it against knocks and bumps when in transit while adding a lot of styles.

Hardgraft Bear Hug iPhone Case is probably the one case that makes you always want to hold your iPhone in your hand. While it may not protect the phone when you are using it, I thought a case like this is the closest you will get to having the best of both worlds: being naked (the phone, not you) and protected (to some extent).

This blog is a major sucker for beautiful and cool stuff, and the Hardgraft Bear Hug iPhone Case certainly fits the bill and hence this feature. It has no side seams and it is perfectly accessible in front of either end. It is available in a choice of classic leather or vegan and is 100% made in Italy from locally sourced materials.

The Hardgraft Bear Hug iPhone Case is available for US$146 a pop. Yes. It is not cheap but so is your lovely iPhone. Also, you can’t really put a price on style. The case is available to fit iPhone 13/13 Pro/12/12 Pro/11 Pro, and 13 Pro Max/12 Pro Max/11 Pro Max.

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Images: Hardgraft.

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