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Hard Graft Refresh Dopp Kit. Because Your Grooming Products Deserve To Have Their Stands

if your shampoo, shower gel and rest of your grooming essentials could talk, they would probably tell you that leaving them standing in a bag whilst in transits would be a better idea. alas, they couldn’t and hence till this day, dopp kit, washbags or whatever you call it, still looks like glorified shoe bags. well, not anymore, cos’ bespoke leather goods maker Hard Graft has just the solution and it is called Refresh Dopp Kit. ok, the name don’t quite do its vertical design any justice, but now you know. so why should bother with vertical washbags? the truth is, you don’t, but if you want not to dig a ton of things before reaching one, then vertical is the way to go and besides, a lot of our grooming products, be it men’s or ladies’, are by nature, standing so why make them lie down? Continue reading Hard Graft Refresh Dopp Kit. Because Your Grooming Products Deserve To Have Their Stands

Hard Graft Frame Folio And Frame Pack Leather Bicycle Bags

Hard Graft, the bespoke leather goods company, has introduced a pair of made for bicycle gadget carriers for times when you really need to travel light with your iPad and cycle at the same time. instead of having a permanent bag affixed to your bike, the Frame series leather bicycle bag is removable so that you can bring it with you as you go about your daily business and when you are ready to pedal again, it attaches easily back onto the bike frame. available in two models to suit both iPad Air or iPad and iPad mini, the Frame Folio and Frame iPad, as they are called, are handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans and the bags sport a frame hugging design to keep the them tight on the bike while barely wider than a standard bike frame. Continue reading Hard Graft Frame Folio And Frame Pack Leather Bicycle Bags

Bang & Olufsen Introduces Headphones Accessories Designed By Hard Graft

Danish audio and visual equipment maker Bang & Olufsen and bespoke bags and accessories maker Hard Graft have come together to create a trio of beautiful accessories to complement B&O’s personal audio gears. the B&O Play Headphones Accessories By Hard Graft include a headphone case/stand known as the ‘Peak Headphone Case‘, an earphone case/cable tidy referred to as ‘Point Earphone Case‘ and Pinch, a headphone cable tidy. there is something particularly alluring when you combine Hard Graft signature vegetable tanned leather with B&O’s sleek hardware. kicking off the trio is the Peak, a headphone case that doubles as a handy stand for your B&O BeoPlay H6 audio cans. the case measures 31 cm x 31 cm x 3.5 cm and can swallow up the H6 with ease. Continue reading Bang & Olufsen Introduces Headphones Accessories Designed By Hard Graft

Hard Graft Cube Tote – A Versatile Bag For Shopping And The Beach

if you need just one bag that could see you through regular routines like grocery shopping, work and leisure, then the Hard Graft Cube Tote might be a good place to start. it has a shape unlike most bags (read: uber cool), which the product name explicitly implies, and sports an enormous opening, held closed by magnetic closure, that’s designed to swallow just about anything you can fit inside with ease – be it a stack of neatly folded clothes, the longest radish or celery you can find in your local supermarket or basically, whatever for need for your day’s task. hit the grocery stores, head to work or chill out at the beach – this bag does it all. a heavyweight British waxed cotton canvas body and a pair of wide leather and suede shoulder straps/carrying handle lends the bag a classy rugged look and also assure it will take the blunt of heavy duty usage, and doing so while weighing heavy on style. Continue reading Hard Graft Cube Tote – A Versatile Bag For Shopping And The Beach

Hard Graft Snap Wallet

billfold wallet design has remain largely unchanged over the last few decades. the distinguishing differences are probably the brand and the material used, but not with the Hard Graft Snap Wallet. it is one of those rare men’s wallet that marries the traditional billfold design (with a slight twist, if we might add) with snap closure, which resulted in a unique design offering a truly unhindered access to the billfold slot. we love the fact that it has an unconventional billfold slot that opens on two adjacent sides and also that the 8-card slots section is intentionally not in line with the overall wallet height like traditional wallets do, which means it has a ‘taller’ billfold slot that can virtually accommodate any currencies known to man. Continue reading Hard Graft Snap Wallet

Hard Graft Draw Pen Case

unless you have a pen that folds, we would imagine you will need something to carry them around, well, that is assuming you still depends on pen to jolt down notes or doodles. i still carry a pen, mainly for filling out lottery forms (don’t look at me that way, i need those money as much as you do) and not having a proper containment is a bit of a headache, and i don’t expect myself to be bringing along a pencil case to do the job (it’s kind of an overkill, you know?), so for that the uber stylish Hard Graft Draw Pen Case might just comes in handy. designed for stowing a pen or two (depending on your pen thickness), the Draw Pen Case continues with Hard Graft’s tradition of Italian craftsmanship with premium vegetable tanned Italian leather – hand-stained, no less, and features a full Italian wool padded interior to keep your favorite writing implement free from scratches and similar to its Draw Key Pouch counterpart, it has a tactile Japanese cotton cord for drawing the opening to a close to prevent the pens from falling out. Continue reading Hard Graft Draw Pen Case

Hard Graft Draw Key Pouch

we often spoke about going minimal for our wallets, but we forgot that we still have keys to deal with (unless you have smart entry like the Lockitron installed in your house), which obviously, a minimal wallet ain’t going to do it, less you have only one key. the Hard Graft Draw Key Pouch is the for the time where you want to go minimal, but still have the keys with you. it is a beautifully handcrafted from premium vegetable tanned Italian leather like Hard Graft always do and features a keyring for your keys and a tactile Japanese cotton cord that you pull to get the keys safely tuck inside the pouch, thereby preventing them (the keys) for ruining your sleek smartphone or your beautiful leather minimal wallet when they are stashed together. Continue reading Hard Graft Draw Key Pouch

Hard Graft Camera Accessories

if you are wondering why Hard Graft has only one camera accessory to offer, well, you can stop wondering, cos’ it now has not one, but three more accessories for style-conscious (and possibly, leather-loving) shutterbugs. the trio, a hold camera handle, hang camera strap, and box camera bag, sports Hard Graft’s signature vegetable tanned leather and 100 percent wool felt combo that, in our opinion, speaks of both class and luxury. the simplest accessory of the three, the hold camera handle is basically a handle that’s design for times when you just need to hold your camera securely without being bothered by shoulder strap. it features a patented 360-degree hook which provides an unrestricted holding position – though the thing is, you will have to constantly hold on to your rig much like a gunslinger, but without a holster. Continue reading Hard Graft Camera Accessories

Hard Graft Frame1 Leather SLR Camera Bag / Smoke

we did feature this Frame1 Leather SLR Camera Bag about a year ago, so this is kind of an update, which for the record, we don’t usually do. we prefer to do “minor” updates through our Facebook page (another reason to follow us on Facebook, perhaps?) for orderly and neatness sakes. however, this Smoke version is so rad that we thought it would be an injustice not to make a post out of it. crafted entirely out of 100 percent vegetable tanned leather, the Frame1 features a full and soft leather lining, thick padding for cushioning protection for your photography gears, removable divider to eliminate “passionate embracing” between gears, and a small zip pocket for nitty gritty stuff such as memory cards or for analog photography buffs, films and the likes. btw, it (the zip pocket) is totally capable of holding an average size phone too. Continue reading Hard Graft Frame1 Leather SLR Camera Bag / Smoke

Hard Graft iPhone 5 Back Up Case & Cover

sleeve or case? that’s often a tough decision when it comes to scouting out for an iPhone 5 case. so save yourself the dilemma and get yourself a Hard Graft iPhone 5 Back Up Case & Cover that, as its name implies, is both a case and a sleeve. there’s nothing magical here: the product comes as two parts, a vegetable tanned Italian leather-clad snap-on case, handmade in Italy, and a 100 percent wool felt cover (aka sleeve) that offers the added protection for your Apple smartphone when chucked into a bag. the latter is an excellent idea for non-believer of screen protectors cos’ that wool felt cover basically eliminates the worry of the non-protected front being scratched whilst in a cluttered bag. Continue reading Hard Graft iPhone 5 Back Up Case & Cover