Lockitron – Home Keyless Entry

Lockitron - Home Keyless Entry
Lockitron | US$179.00 | lockitron.com

despite its very Transformer-ish namesake, there is little mystery in this product. the Lockitron (no relation to Decepticon or whatsoever) is an add-on to your regular dead bolt that will allows you to lock or unlock your home using a smartphone even when you are miles away. the benefits are countless (assuming you have total faith in technologies) are countless. for example, you can let your in-laws into your house remotely or set a specific time frame for your guests to access your house and once that time frame runs out, they are your guests no more as their access will be revoked. and thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you will never need a key to unlock your door ever – all you have to do is walk up to the door and once you are within range, it will unlocks itself. only one thing is left to do: that’s tackle the handle and let yourself in. other highlights include a built-in knock sensor that lets you know someone is at the door by sending you a text alert, grant and revoke access easily over the web, install in minutes on existing dead bolt lock, uses the same cryptographic protocols used by online banks for peace of mind, built-in WiFi and it is powered by four AA batteries that last up to a year. the latter will send you a text notification when batteries are running low, so you can act on it thus preventing yourself from being left out in the cold. you can reserve your Lockitron now for $179 with shipment expected to start in May 2013.

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