When it comes to surviving the great outdoor, a knife is a must and we are not talking about just any knife; it is has to stand up to the rigor of outdoor usage and also, if possible, takes care of other ‘businesses’ apart from slicing and cutting. The newest to StatGear, the Surviv-All Survival Knife, is one such knife. It boasts a 4.25 inches long high carbon 440 stainless steel full tang, drop point blade that sees to your cutting needs, while a rubber textured, ergonomic handle ensures grip confidence. The latter also features a stainless steel pommell at the end of the handle too. Each knife comes with its own belt-friendly sheath, which also happens to be home to a fire starter rod and an integrated cord cutter so you don’t have to unsheathe the knife for cutting twines

Surviv-All Survival Knife by StatGear

Around the back of the sheath is a sharpener stone for keeping your knife razor sharp whenever, wherever, while a patent-pending para-secure paracord handle strap ensures the knife stays sheathed even in the roughest moments. While the knife may appear to be just another knife (a handsome one at that, especially that sexy handle there), the specially designed sheath kind of makes it a worthy mini survival kit. That being said, if there’s only one thing you can take with you when you head out into the wild, this could be it. All told, the knife measures 9.5 inches long and tips the scale at just 13 ounces (369 grams) when sheathed. The Surviv-All Survival Knife is available directly from StatGear web store for a modest $44.99. To be honest, the price kind of surprise us.

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