Mercedes-Benz Midsize Pickup Truck

Unlike some luxury car makers, German automaker Mercedes-Benz is more than willing to dabble in new segments to further expand its portfolio. We have seen it took the lead and dive into the SUV arena two decades ago with the M-Class and so, it is no surprise that the company has announced it is eyeing on the midsize pickup market. So, yes. The pointed star marque has finally decided that they should not be missing out on this fast growing segment. And since Mercedes-Benz Vans division has the expertise in developing, manufacturing and marketing vehicles for both commercial and private uses, it has the honor of being tasked to make it happen. If realized, this all-new vehicle will be the first in the premium automaker’s history.

So far, little is being made known about the intended model and because of that, we are taking it as a teaser. That said, there’s no telling when it will actually materialized. But why a midsize pickup now? Why, to contribute to the firm’s global growth targets, of course. The prestige car maker sees the midsize pickup segment undergoing a worldwide transformation where more pickups of such capacity are being picked up for private uses, in addition to the usual commercial applications. More importantly, users are requesting this type of vehicle to have more car-like specifications, which suits the brand just fine. Man, have you seen the Citan vans? Well, the level of equipment and features are comparable will even put some cars of today to shame.

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As far as the proposed pickup is concerned, you won’t be seeing a mini Unimog, but it will still carry the firm’s distinctive brand identity and “all of the vehicle attributes that are typical of the brand with regard to safety, comfort, powertrains, and value.” In short, you probably won’t be short changed just because it is a commercial vehicle. An exciting news for fans definitely, cos’ now you don’t need to resort to chopping up a perfectly good passenger car to turn it into a pickup truck.