Sorry folks. We may be a little late on this. But if it had to be said, it has to be said. What you see here is the Igloo Coolers x Hello Kitty Cooler Collection. The world renowned cooler maker has teamed up with Sanrio, owner and creator of the mouthless not kitty, to released a range of Hello Kitty coolers and drinkware.

Igloo x Hello Kitty Cooler Collection

The collection includes the Igloo Coolers‘ staple Playmate coolers, soft coolers, as well as thermos – all decorated with the world’s famous (not) cat.

Included in the range are two Playmate Pal 7 Qt Coolers, two Playmate Pal 7 Qt Coolers, a Classic Playmate Mini 4 Qt Cooler, a dual compartment tote cooler bag, a square lunch cooler bag, and a couple of 16 oz stainless steel can tumbler. Prices start at US$19.99.

Last checked, however, the dual compartment tote cooler bag, Playmate Mini 4 Qt Cooler and one design of the Little Playmate 7 Qt Cooler and Playmate Pal 7 Qt are sold out. Oops. Sorry!

Images: Igloo Coolers.

via BallerStatus.

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