Wooly Mammoth: Finally, Cooler Is Sustainable And Actually Looks Cool Doing So

It will come a time a cooler will reach the end of its life and what happens after that would be yet another plastic trash. And we know how plastic is slowly but surely killing our lovely blue marble. Not all hope is lost, though. Not if Wooly Mammoth Eco-friendly Cooler can help it.

OtterBox Lends Its Knowledge Of Tough Boxes To Cooler Box

What has a maker of super tough phone cases do with cooler box? Well, nothing, really, but that does not stop OtterBox from venturing into making coolers that will see to your cool beverages need when out in the great wilderness. Called Venture Coolers, OtterBox has transferred its know-how of tough boxes of protecting gadgets […]

Texas Ice-house Look Cooler Keeps the Party Going with Internal LED Lights

If you are going to party all day and night at your backyard, you can forget about standard cooler. Marathon partying calls a really big cooler and not just any big-ass cooler, but like the Igloo Party Bar Cooler. Why? For starter, it is aesthetically pleasing, taking on the outlook of a traditional Texas ice-house […]

This Cooler Goes Naked, So That You Can See What’s Inside It

No. Naked Cooler is not a naturalist thing, though naturalists are welcome to use them. Naked Cooler is essentially a cooler with windows and a customizable internal. It looks pretty rad with the transparent thing on it, if you ask me. Well, it might not be the king of cool that touts boatload of tech, […]

Play Host to Your Backyard Party, But Let This Remote Control Rover Cooler Do the Walking for You

everyone loves a party or two sometimes, but while organizing party is great, we can’t say the same to playing host. it kills your time when you could be chilling out on a float in the middle of your pool. with the Pepsi Remote Control Rover Cooler, you could use a little tech to help […]

The Number Of Functions This Cooler Packs Will Boggle Your Mind

portable cooler is one invention you never knew need a change until now, or should we say until the Coolest Cooler pops up in the market. how we know? it is now running a 50-day crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and just five days into it, it has received over $4.5 million in financial backing from […]

eCool Harnesses The Earth Natural Coolness To Keep Your Booze Cool

having a cold one when you are in your humble pad doesn’t seem much of an issue, but when you out in the yard for extended period of time, cooler box is about the only way to keep the beer cool untethered (apart from shuttling back and forth from the yard to the kitchen). while […]

SolarCooler Solar-powered Refrigerating Cooler

the statement ‘using heat to cool something’ may sounds contradictory, but that is exactly what the SolarCooler does. it is the world’s first portable solar-powered refrigerating cooler (aka thermal refrigerator) that has a top covered with solar panels to harness the power of the sun to keep the contents within chill.

KRUPS The Sub Heineken Edition

avid beer drinkers would love to have a micro brewery right in their man caves, but most would settle for some home brewing kit which comes standard with a few issues. firstly, the taste of the malt might surprise you; second, it is often flat; and third, you will never get that crisp, cold brew you had at your local watering hole.