Knack Design Studio x DERRK Ondago Cooler

Need a cooler for picnics? Igloo Coolers got you covered. But typical coolers are only good if there are no difficult terrains standing between you and the chill-out location. Sure, there are coolers with “off-road” wheels, but these wheeled coolers can do this much. If the terrain gets even rougher, you’d be wishing for the Ondago Cooler.

Knack Design Studio x DERRK Ondago Cooler

Dreamed up by Knack Design Studio and Derek Elliot aka DERRK, the Ondago Cooler completely rethinks the form of a cooler. To enable it to tackle virtually any terrain, including not sinking in water, Knack Design Studio and DERRK designed Ondago as a wheel.

That’s right. The entire cooler is the wheel – complete with a handle for towing it along. Its tire-inspired rubber exterior is made from recycled rubber. This rubber “tire” enables it to roll over nearly any type of surface and lends it buoyancy, allowing it to double as a beer caddy when in the water. Now, that’s ingenious!

Knack Design Studio x DERRK Ondago Cooler

I’d say it would be the perfect companion outdoor gear for those who love BBQ-ing on water.

In case you are wondering if the can soda/cold ones will get tumbled around while being rolled around… well, it will not, or at least not as much as you would have when carrying any cooler, as the center will remain stationary. Only the rubber “tire” rolls.

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As cool as the idea is, the Knack Design Studio x DERRK Ondago Cooler appears to be just a concept. Awww. What a bummer cos’ perhaps it is time to reinvent the (cooler) wheel, don’t you think? Besides, I am sure many outdoor people would love to have one.

Images: Knack Design Studio/DERRK.

via Yanko Design.