Sonic The Hedgehog Arrives To Igloo Coolers Little Playmate 7 Qt Cooler

Igloo Coolers have seen countless collabs which saw many pop culture icons, ranging from Star Wars to The Simpsons to Hello Kitty, decorating the iconic Playmate coolers. Recently, another pop culture has arrived on the lid of a Playmate 7 Qt cooler. Folks, meet the Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone Little Playmate 7 Qt …

New Igloo Coolers The Beatles Coolers And Cooler With Built-in Speakers

Igloo Coolers have more The Beatles coolers for fans of the legendary 60s pop-rock outfit. While last year’s offering only had Playmate coolers, this year’s lineup has expanded to include a cooler backpack and a cooler tote, and boy do they look cool! Pun not intended.

Igloo Partnered With Sanrio For Hello Kitty Cooler Collection

Sorry folks. We may be a little late on this. But if it had to be said, it has to be said. What you see here is the Igloo Coolers x Hello Kitty Cooler Collection. The world renowned cooler maker has teamed up with Sanrio, owner and creator of the mouthless not kitty, to released …

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