You try to be eco-conscious when you are out camping or picnicking, and soon, you can be even more green when doing so – thanks to the new ECOCOOL Collection of coolers from Igloo.

Igloo ECOCOOL Collection of Coolers

Billed as the world’s first hard side coolers made with recycled plastic, this cooler collection is the first of its kind to be made with recycled resin. In other words, they are made from post-consumer plastic that would otherwise ended up in landfills.

The post-consumer plastic, which are mostly discarded plastic yogurt cups and milk jugs, were used to made the outside body, liner and lid of each ECOCOOL cooler. Igloo said 116,000 lbs (52,620 kilograms) of recycled yogurt cups and milk jugs were used in the first production run of ECOCOOL and in the process, it save the landfill space of around 10 Football fields.

Igloo ECOCOOL Collection of Coolers

That’s pretty damn impressive, IMHO. While it may not seem like a lot in contrast to the global plastic waste generated (which is a whopping 275 million tonnes, btw), but if every company in the world chips in, the effect can be quite significant.

As a boon, ECOCOOL lineup is not only green; it looks pretty stylish too.

The ECOCOOL lineup includes the classic Playmate 7 Qt Cooler, Latitude 30 Qt Cooler, Latitude 52 QT Cooler, and Latitude 60 Qt and 90 Qt Roller Coolers. Prices range from US$24.99 to US$99.95.

Igloo ECOCOOL Collection of Coolers

Igloo ECOCOOL Collection of Coolers will drop on April 22. However, we noted that these coolers are available from REI Co-op selling the collection, both on and offline.

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Meanwhile, you can learn more about ECOCOOL collection and how it impact positively on the environment HERE.

Igloo ECOCOOL Collection of Coolers

Images: Igloo Coolers.

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