There are good reasons why fire extinguisher is painted red. We shall not go into the science behind it, but you know when you see a red cylinder hanging on the wall, you will know it is a fire extinguisher.

However, this highly recognizable design and color does not go down well with home users. It’s understandable. Nobody wants an industrial looking piece of equipment to mar their beautiful home decor, even though this ugly-ass equipment may save their properties someday.

+maffs Home Use Fire Extinguisher

This is where Japanese fire extinguisher maker Morita Miyata aims to change with a new brand called +maffs. For starter, +maffs Home Use Fire Extinguisher does not bear the typical red paint job.

Moreover, it sports a clean, minimal design that makes a lot less industrial. Finally, the fire suppressing content within is not typical too; it is made from vinegar and other food-based ingredients that will be just as effective but without the toxicity.

Like every fire extinguisher, +maffs Home Use Fire Extinguisher has an expiry. Unlike typical extinguishers which if deem still serviceable after an inspection by qualified person, they can be “re-gas” to keep the pressure up, +maffs has to be replace after 5 years.

To help you remember its expiry, it comes with a tag for you to write down the date it was purchased and when it needs replacing, so you won’t forget and can continue to safeguard your home in case there’s a fire.

For now, it looks like +maffs Home Use Fire Extinguisher is only available to the Japanese market for 10,000 yen (which is roughly U$92) a pop.

Images: +maffs [JP]/Morita Miyata [JP].

Source: Spoon & Tamago.

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