8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse

Profess your undying love for retro Nintendo gaming even when you are hard at work with this 8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse. Not going to lie. The look of this mouse is not for everyone. Only a true Nintendo fan will be able to fully appreciate the aesthetics this mouse has to offer.

The 8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse is very real. It was originally conceived by Swedish designer Daniel Jansson about a decade ago. Today, game accessory maker 8BitDo has collaborated with Jansson to bring his idea to life.

8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse

The colorway is unmistakable that of NES controller, so are design touches like the red round buttons serving as the left and right mouse buttons, and the black D-pad on the side. The D-pad lets you page up/page down as well as forward and upward.

Interestingly, it also has a scroll wheel in between the two red buttons, but can’t see it because, it is a 3D touch panel, thus allowing the design to stay true to the NES controller while not sacrificing functionality.

8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse

It connects to your computer via 2.4 GHz wireless technology, facilitated by a matching N30 2.4g receiver. It has range of up to 10 meters (33 feet) and boasts 1,000 dpi optical resolution.

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Not only is the 8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse something money can buy, it is also relatively inexpensive, costing just $24.99 a pop.

Images: 8BitDo.

Source: Engadget.